Hailey is a normal 18 year old girl who one day meets One Direaction at the mall ... Later she meets the rest of the guys, Not knowing that they are famous. Who will she fall for? Who will fall for her? What will her parents think? Find out all in Torn.


3. The Beach

"Word will be just words till we bring them to life" -Another World

Once we were ready we walked outside. Out there was a huge bus it had 2floors and was red. We boarded it. Carrying our beach bags. About 10 minuetes later we saw a huge blue ocean. The bus stopped. We got off and right there were 5 guys the only one I recognized was Louis. One of the guys had dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. Another had lightish brown hair he also had brown eyes. One of them had curly hair and greenish eyes. The one that stood out to me he had blonde hair and blue eyes. Although I could tell he dyed his hair because it wasn't fully blonde.

Miranda right away ran over to Louis "Hey!!" She said happily. It was quite awkward. I was alone Miranda had Louis and to me it looked like the guys has themselves. Until the curly haired one walked over to me "Hey I'm Harry what's your name?" "Hailey" I replied. "Hey Hailey want to go play some vollyball with me and the guys?" He asked. "Sure." I replied. We walked over together. Now I just had to be picked for a team... I'll probably be picked last...

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