Hailey is a normal 18 year old girl who one day meets One Direaction at the mall ... Later she meets the rest of the guys, Not knowing that they are famous. Who will she fall for? Who will fall for her? What will her parents think? Find out all in Torn.


12. Suprise Ending

"Your insecure don't know what for your turning heads when you walk through the do-o-or" -What Makes You Beautiful

"Hey babe have you seen the new music video, here watch it" Harry said to me giving me his phone with a video loaded on it. I hit the play button. It was a cool beginning. Then Liam comes in the screen. He's in a car. Then at the beach. Not just some beach. Our beach. Then came Harry. "Everyone else in the room apcan see it everyone else but you" he sang along with the music. After zayns solo and the bridge of na na na's Harry pulled me out of the chair. And sung to me just like he was to the girl in the music video. That girl. Was me from the beach when Harry was talking to me.cthy must have been secretly recording. "HOW DID YOU DO THIS" I yelled at him "I have my ways..." he said kissing me once more
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