Stella is a 17 year old who has a boyfriend. And he just happens to be from the biggest boy band. The band... One Direction. That boy just happens to be, well he's Harry Styles. Shes torn between to people Harry or her ex. Stella later finds out something about her ex. Will she go for Harry or her ex named Brad?


1. Lost...




Harry-I'm here. Whats wrong?

Stella-I feel sick. Can you take me to the doctors?

Harry-Of course babe. * Carries Stella out to car *

Doc-Whats the matter sweetie? You feeling okay?

Stella- No, I feel like I'm ga ga ga gonna... BLAHNHHTTTT * pukes*

Doc- Looks like you have a cold. Here's some medication.

Harry- Thanks, If we need anything we'll... Well I will come back.

Doc- Kay. Thanks for stopping by!

Harry- No thank you!


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