Old Friends

Morgan Maholman has a pleasant surprise when her friends take her to a One Direction Concert. Of course she would of never knew that's she would fall in love with one of her idols. Read to find out more!


3. Memories

"We all got One Direction concert tickets and we all pitched in to get you one in the front row!", she exclaimed almost jumping out of her seat.

I stood there in shock then put on a fake smile. Ya I was happy to go but the thought of seeing my best friend from Wolver Hampton was a bit bumbing. Its been 7 years since I moved away to the U.S. I dont think he would've remembered me though.

"OMG, NO WAY", is all I could say.

Then all my friends got up and started jumping and screaming.

"Ok girls, thats enough", my mom said playfully.

"When is the concert", I asked.

"Tonight", Bo added.

My hearty sunk but I tended to give a smile. I could still remember the day before I moved.

Me and Liam were out in te meadow behind my house. We were tackling eachother. We were 12 at the time and so he was stronger. I gave up and he won. He paused and asked, " Why do you need to move?'', he asked a bit worn out. He had asked me this a bunch of times already but I answered again.

"My father got a job in the U.S.", I answerd with gloom in my voice.

He gave a sigh and said,

"I need to go its time for supper and my mum needs me home. I will come back tomorrow before you leave though", he said.

I nodded and gave eachother a hug, then he was off. Of course it took him forever to come the next day and my mum called  for me. We headed off to the airport without a goodbye.


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