Old Friends

Morgan Maholman has a pleasant surprise when her friends take her to a One Direction Concert. Of course she would of never knew that's she would fall in love with one of her idols. Read to find out more!


6. "Kidnapped"?

Liam's POV

I run into my dressing room and slip on my hoodie and shades. "I cant believe i saw her''

I cant bielieve she is a Directioner. I'm still pretty peeved that she left but so relieved that she was here. I ran past the boys ignoring them when they asked me where I was going. I look towards the enterance where she is trying to get out. I sprint and shove through people to get to her. I see her and grab her by the wrist. She starts to scream but I cover her mouth with my free hand. I drag her with me while she tries to struggle. I can tell she has fear in her eyes. I bring her back to my dressing room. She stares at me still freaked out. Im still covering her mouth and holding on to her wrist.

"I'm going to let go but your going to promise me you wont scream', I say calmly.

She seems to calm down when she hears my accent. She nodds and I let go of her arm and un cover her mouth. She squints trying to figure out who I am. I pull the hood off my head and take the shades off.

She just stares at me in shock her jaw dropping. I pull her into a hug and feel her wrap her arms around my waist.

"Dont you ever leave me without a goodbye", I say sternly but happily.

"You actually remember me", she says leaning away from the hug. My hands on her sholders.

"Of course I would, we are best mates", I sat with a smile.

She smiles back and hugs me again.

"Why didnt you wait for me though?",I asked

Morgan's POV

"Why didnt you wait for me though", he asked.

I pull away from the hug and look at him. His smile droppes and so does mine.

"I did, but when I thought you werent coming my mom called for me. I wanted to stay longer but I couldnt."

"I undertand that you couldnt controll your parents. I always had the thought that you always never wanted to be friends because you never waited for me." he explained.

"That was never true",I said and looked down at my feet ashamed.

He used his finger to pick my chin up to look at him in his deep brown eyes.

"Well, we are here now and thats all that matters", he said quietly with a smile.

We pulled into another hug and stayed there for atleast 3 minutes.

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