Old Friends

Morgan Maholman has a pleasant surprise when her friends take her to a One Direction Concert. Of course she would of never knew that's she would fall in love with one of her idols. Read to find out more!


1. Gone

7 years ago

I had a red velvet case in my hands as I trudged up a hill, huffing and puffing. The cold was nipping at my breath to make it visible when I breathed. I walked up to see a two story flat and a meadow behind. The meadow is where I speant most of my time as a child. It was blanketed with a layer of snow. I could still remember me and her as kids running threw the field and tackling eachother. I stopped and bent over to press my hands against my knees to catch my breath. I looked up to see a sign outside the flat. I walked up to it and read, "For Sale". I felt my heart drop into my stomach and break into a million tiny pieces. A million thoughts flooded my mind. "She left me. She was my best mate. She said she was going to meet me here tomorrow but she leaves? I cant believe her! FORGET HER!", I basicly scream in my head. I felt tears fill the brims of my eyes and then leak down my cheeks. I shove the case in my hoodie pocket and start to run down the hill, never looking back.

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