Old Friends

Morgan Maholman has a pleasant surprise when her friends take her to a One Direction Concert. Of course she would of never knew that's she would fall in love with one of her idols. Read to find out more!


4. Before The Concert

Liam's POV

Only a few more hours before showtime. I was nervous to preform. You would think that I wouldnt be because I have preformed a thousand times before, bur no, I still get a little nervous but at the same time excited. I couldnt think straight. I kept singing the lyrics inside my head as I was getting ready. But there was this one thing I couldnt stop thinking about. Morgan Maholman. I remember her birthday still, even though it was about seven years ago. I could still remember how we became friends in the first place.

I was the end of summer when school started. I was excited to make new friends. It was around the time I was in preschool when I met her. I just got done saying my goodbyes to my mum before entering. I entered and there she was. She was sitting at an empty table. She seemed lonley so I sat bye her.

"Hi I'm Liam", I said reaching out my hand.

"I'm Morgan", she answered shaking my hand.

"What are you doing all alone?", I asked concerned.

"I dont know. I guess I'm a little shy", she answered quietly.

"Dont be. I will be your friend.", I replied cheerfully with a smile

"Ok", she said and smiled back.

My thoughts were interupted when Louis barged in with a camera.

"Where is Harry?", he said as his noisy self.

I guess the camera was for a video diary so I played alone with him.

"Did you check the bathroom?",I asked.


"The girls bathroom", I said playfully but seriously.

"To the bathroom!", Louis shouted and ran right out of the room with the camera following.

"Dork", I thought to myself.

Hours Later (Morgan's POV)

Me and my friends jumped into Rachels Gray van. Rachel Got into the drivers seat and I got into the passanger seat. Maddi, Bo, and Andrea got int backseat and Rerbekah and Ally got into the middle row. We started to head off for the concert when the topic of "which One Direction boy do you like", was asked. Ally and Andrea liked Zayn. Rachel and Bo both liked Niall. Maddi liked Harry and Liam. Rebekah like Louis. I can see why she does because they have a lot in common whith their sence of humor. But for me, I didnt really have a favorite like almost all directioners do. They were cute in all but I just didnt have a celebrity crush on any of them. i didnt really want one beacuse there is no way one of them would of dated someone like me. I guess you can say I am incecure about myself.

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