Old Friends

Morgan Maholman has a pleasant surprise when her friends take her to a One Direction Concert. Of course she would of never knew that's she would fall in love with one of her idols. Read to find out more!


7. Backstage (Liam's POV)

The door opens and Louis walks in. I pull away.
"Um,sorry am I intruding" he said with a smirk.
I roll my eyes. The rest of the boys walk in.
"Who is this lovely lady Liam?", Harry asks with a smile.
"This is Morgan. Mo for short", I answer.
"Oh ya! You told us all about her. Hello there Morgan", Harry said with a flirty wink. Morgan giggled. I got pretty peeved. Why am I getting jelous for? I have a girlfriend.
Hey Morgan do you want to get some dinner with us?", Niall asked.
"I can't. My friends I bet are worried sick and I think my parents are expecting us to be home in a bit. Sorry", she replied.
Everyone groaned.
"Here, I will give you my number and we can hangout another time.", she suggested.
She wrote her number on a piece of paper and handed it over to me.
"Well I better get going. It was nice seeing you again Liam. We need to catch up.", she said.
I nodded and pulled her into a quick hug before she left. When I heard her close the door, all the guys whistled. I rolled my eyes.
"How did you find that lass?", Louis asked.
"I saw her out in the audience in the front row. I decided to find her and bring her back here."
"You like her don't you", Louis added.
"No! I have a girlfriend", I exclaimed.
They all rolled their eyes and left for the limo. We dressed into our hoodies and shades and headed out. It took us 30 minutes to get back to the hotel. I was exhausted. I flopped down on the bed. I had to do something but I couldn't put my finger on it. Oh ya.
I pulled out my phone and texted the number I got from Morgan.
Me:" Hey it's Liam. I forgot to tell you this. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"
Mo:" Thanks!"
Me:" No problem. I'm super tired. I will talk to you tomorrow. Night."
Itook off my concert clothes and slipped on some gray and blue striped sweat pants and a grey t-shirt. I switched off the light and and fell asleep.
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