Dragon Soul

(For Dragon Ball Z lovers: Don't ask why, there are none on ere. So I just did.) Laika hates him. She hates him with every bone in her body. He took away her family, friends, almost her life. But she survived. She trained. She became strong. She knew she would one day get revenge. Because you don't mess with a Dragon. Do you hear this? Are you getting this, Prince of all Saiyans??? She's back. And whoo, boy, you are in trouble. It's not every day you have to fight a dragon.


2. Very Few

I looked around, my raptor like vision closing in on a man... flying towards me? It must be a Saiyan... I thought, getting ready to fight to get away. They stopped where they were, I saw his eyes widen in surprise, he was a bald man, with six dots on his forehead, and he was wearing orange and blue clothes. This man has no tail... He's not a Saiyan. Perhaps he is just a human, although I was never aware they could fly... He flies away quickly. Most likely afraid of me. I shake my head and fly to a nearby tree, landing on top. Very few know of me, and the few that do are scared of me or plan to kill me.Being a dragon can be hard. I nod off to sleep, exausted from my fly to Earth.

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