Dragon Soul

(For Dragon Ball Z lovers: Don't ask why, there are none on ere. So I just did.) Laika hates him. She hates him with every bone in her body. He took away her family, friends, almost her life. But she survived. She trained. She became strong. She knew she would one day get revenge. Because you don't mess with a Dragon. Do you hear this? Are you getting this, Prince of all Saiyans??? She's back. And whoo, boy, you are in trouble. It's not every day you have to fight a dragon.


1. Earth

Some of my feathers begin to be ripped out as I enter Earth's atmosphere. I wince and pull my pure white wings against my sides. My clawed, bird-like feet flatten against my stomach, and the long feathers on my tail come together. (On the end is a peacock like group of feathers on her tail) My feathers on my head that stuck up also flattened. I closed my pure blue eyes and kept plummeting closer and closer to the ground. About one thousand feet up, I began to stretch out my wings, slow enough that they don't get torn off, but quick enough so that I don't hit the ground.ground. I was on Earth. I was about the same height as some inhabitants: I was exactly six feet tall when on all four of my legs. The blue crystal just under my collar bone began to glow. Danger was near. I fly higher, up into the clouds. I have the advantage up here. My senses are at their peak. My lungs work best while breathing this air. You see, when I was flying through space, my body was able to function properly because of this crystal in my chest. I was born with it, and it allows me to turn nothing, into oxygen. But it is very weakening. I am exausted, but whoever this threat it, I will be sure to deal with later if they cause any problems.
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