Like a Rabbit in a House Full of Wolves

Destiny Van, a thirteen year old girl, accompanys her dad on a trip to inspect a mining ship that is nearby the ship she lives on. Right now the mining ship is digging up "an ancient artifact", as her father, Charles Van calls in. Little does she know that this simple business trip is about to go horribly wrong. (A Deadspace Fan fic) (If you haven't played Deadspace, well then... unless you get scared easily, PLAY IT.) Will help ever arrive in time to save Destiny, her father, and the rest of the crew?


1. The Announcement

My chocolate brown hair flipped into my face as the door p tushed air my way. I pulled it back behind my ears, and it sat just below my shoulders. I looked around at everything, my curious emerald green eyes darting back and forth. "Destiny, come on." "Oh yeah. Sorry dad." I caught up with the rest of the group, which consisted of my dad, who looked just like me, bbut with shorter hair, Amelia Jones, who had short blonde hair, intelligent blue eyes, and was about the same height as me. (I'm five feet, six inches tall.) There was also Dave Mack, who was a round man with short, black hair, brown eyes, and a surprisingly good sense of humor. The man taking us on a tour around the ship was Fred Smith, and he has blonde hair, brown eyes, and he's wearing a black suit, just like all the other men with us. Amelia is wearing a red dress. I'm wearing a green t shirt, blue jeans, a green headband that matches my shirt and eyes, and a pair of green sneakers. Can you guess my favorite color?

"And this is the room-" Fred was cut off by a sudden announcement. "Fred Smith, please bring the group to the control room. Fred Smith, please bring your group to the control room. Thank you." He looks confused, but brings us. And I have to say, it's AMAZING!!! We can see the planet from the big window, and it's just... Wow. They whisper something in Fred's ear. He instantly becomes pale.
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