Oh, The Vanity

A short essay on singing.


1. Singing

Singing: A practice of verbal communication through song.






Let’s Begin…




Do re mi fa so la ti do. I assume correctly; it is a form of music incorporated in every culture, beside body language. This verb is everywhere; objection, you’ll need a pair of vocal chords—for recreational purposes. As it will be put lightly (by me) the importance of singing in a song is spelt out below—hints: Kat-uh-kliz-mik.

Singing is the most comprehensive way of understanding to a listener—No not my opinion (well yes because I had to write an essay) but my analysis during performances. While the mood is set with the rhythm, or first impression, of a song, and a song writer’s ability to present emotion, the composer’s thoughts are spewed out over the microphone. Yes; plain instrumental songs allow you to paint your own picture; but with words, an image draws itself—while playing at live events I get immediate reactions when I spell-things-out/sing for them.

Vocalizing is most special because one could listen and interpret meanings of a song by hearing. Boom chicka boom—I spelt it out for you—by hearing/reading you drew the conclusion that drums make that sound. Why? By common knowledge/understanding a guitar makes a strum, a bass makes a bomp, and drums make a boom chicka boom—or by my knowledge/understanding anyway. Drawing out/spelling/vocalizing gave you the interpretation of a drum—and that’s my point; you know by hearing?

We invite people over, we say thank you, and for us privileged men, we ask our girlfriends father(s) for permission to marry their daughter(s). Frankly put, talking gets the message across with a degree of an eloquent manor. And, we as a race verbalize in order to understand. Vocalizing is the most common way to interact with action—pre-conclusion.

From the singing on the streets to the news broadcasting on TV, people are a constant communication. Surveys, songs, and even essays alike tell others new things in order to better themselves. Life is a big survey for more ideas to bring oneself up over the others—but that’s a different essay (keep singing in mind it will tie together). Now, in order to get a point across you wave your hands over your head until someone is interested—proceed by telling them what’s on your mind. When you sing you’re practicing communication. There is a point (climax and or just a bunch of words stuck together for a nice sound) to make here. Singing is vital to communicate.

Reasoning with someone is a great way to be informative. If you can find common ground with someone the flint will begin to spark. In order for a singer to give you a spark you’ll need a reason. What better common ground/reason then song. Everyone can sing and recognize a tune besides the deaf.

The expressions of feelings through songs are better understood verbally.  If you’re interested in lyrics you can find details about a song while listening. I’m not fond of many messages portrayed by most artists but I do believe in their persuading effects. Goodness; if you sing about explosions, people are going to want to blow things up. So your message shouldn’t be so much about what you want but what your listeners want; its very oxymoronic; and I’m not saying you should deviate from what you want to do I’m just saying people are idiots and they do as they agree with.

Singing is a better way to transfer ideas, especially when you’re trying to picture them. Without the words red balloon you’ll be stuck with a thoughtless stare into oblivion. Now, remember I’m not God and I know you want me to fill the depths of your imagination with more pictures and ideas about this wonderful thing but be patient because it takes practice to know your imagination.

Crap; you know too much, you must die. I’m joking, though that is the truth if you have reason to this piece of information communicated through vocalizing/verbalizing. If only I could find a way to make you listen, by hearing, to the message I’ve portrayed to you. Just to think we could have skipped this mind blowing, cataclysmic event by understanding what people are saying about singing.






…The End


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