Maybe Someday

Well I'm not the best at this as you can probably tell but, it all starts with a loud noise and Miley's whole world gets turned upside down and inside out!! How was that?? I could tell you more or you could just read the story!! Plz read!!


1. Happend so fast

I was walking home from tafe when I heard a big pop noise I looked behind me there was a bus, I couldn't believe it I ran over to it "hi" said a boy in stripes "oh my gosh I can't believe  this, your Harry, your Louis, your Liam, your Zayn and your Niall" I said excitedly "that would be right, love" said Harry as he placed his hand on my shoulder, "what's your name?" asked Harry "I'm Miley" I said excitedly. "hey do you guys no where that loud sound came from just before?" I asked them "yeah our tire just popped"said Zayn "oh do you guys need a micanic?" I asked, "yeah we do!"said Louis "well my dad's a micanic"I said "I live just down there" I said pointing to my left"we walked down to my house. I knocked on the door"DAD!!" I called out, "hey Miles" said dad as he opened the door "dad this is Niall, Harry, Louis, Zayn and Liam, from One Direction "oh those boys that you like sooo much" said dad "yup, there tyre just popped, you can fix it right?" I asked "yup" he said proudly "well it's just down the Road there" said Louis pointing to his right "ok" said dad. We walked up to the bus, while dad was replacing the tyre we walked down to the milkshake barn "these milkshakes are the best, believe me!"I said "hey Miley" said my sister, she works there "wow, your, you guys are, and your, OH MY GOSH YOUR ONE DIRECTION!!!" said my sister gorgia "that'd be right love but could you keep it down?" asked Louis "oh yeah sure I'm sorry, I just love you guys soooooo much" she replied "well Thankyou" said Niall "so what can I get you guys" "ummm we'll have what your having" said Liam "ok 6 chocolate smoothies with strawberries inside" I said to Gorgia "that'll be $21 please" they all pulled out there wallets, how much are the each" asked Niall "$3.50"gorgia said. "Okay" said Zayn they all pulled out $3.50, but Harry pulled out $7 "I'm payin for Miley" he said "Naww Harry that's so sweet" we all gave Gorgia our money and sat down I noticed Harry staring at me, "so Miley, how old are you?" asked Niall "I'm 18" I said "oh cool" he said "so how long are you guys in Doncaster?" "umm about a week, we are doing one concert and then we are just gonna relax" said Louis "Harry!!" said Zayn "what?" he asked "stop staring at Miley" said Zayn "I wasn't" he said embarrassed after we finished our smoothies we went back to the bus, the tyre was fixed "what do we owe you?" said Liam "nothing, you make my daughter happy that's all I could ask for!" said dad "we've got to owe you something" he said "okay boys, why don't you come back to our house for dinner tommorrow?" asked dad " "okay sounds like a blast!" said Louis. Harry came and stood next to me, he slid me a piece of paper then went and stood by the boys again. I opened the piece of paper it was Harry's number!!, I looked up at him, he smiled, I smiled back. "well Thanks?" said Louis "Mr burrows, call me Mr Burrows" said dad "thanks Mr burrows, they all said as they climbed in the bus "bye Miley" said Harry "bye" I said "bye Miley" said the rest of the band. 
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