When we were us

When we were us we ran in the field, could get away with anything, and just be best friends with out any doubts. When we were us we could tell each other everything. When we were us there wasn't anyone coming between us. We were us three years ago. Now we're who they want us to be. But sometimes when you're best friends with someone for so long, you still feel the need to let them into your heart because you believe they're still there. I believe youre there Niall.


6. Tour

I woke up to the irish boy who was energetic shaking me. My eyes snapped open crabbily. "WHAT DO YOU WANT NIALL?!" I yelled, throwing my pillow at him. "FOR YOU TO WAKE UP!" He yelled. Ugh. Ever since he's became famous, mangement has changed him. The haters have changed him. I wish we could be us again, because it's starting to effect me and how I feel. I looked Niall in the eyes and pulled his shirt over to me. We were face to face. "Listen. One does not simply wake me up." I said, jokingly. He laughed. Oh Niall's laugh. I missed it so bad. Wait! I quickly got up and hugged him. "OMG I MISSED YOU SO MUCH! I LOVE YOU! I MISSED YOU!" I screamed. I did! He was on tour for a year. "You-You love me?!" He said shocked, blushing. "Of course! In a brotherly way!" I said. He slightly frowned and faced the ground. "We're going on another tour in tomorrow." He said. "For two years." My jaw dropped. "NO!" I screamed. "I WILL NOT ALLOW THIS! DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO NOT HAVE SOMEONE EAT ALL YOUR FOOD! IF YOU'RE NOT HERE- THE FOOD GETS ROTTEN!" I screamed jokingly. He laughed again. "But- the good thing is- you're coming with us." He said.

"Tour... With you..." I said. One direction was pop sensation and the wanted me to come on tour. Me. "Ya! You are going to be the opening act!" He said excitedly. I sighed. "Niall. I can't. I can't sing. You know that." I said. "of COURSE you can!" He said. "You have the voice of an angel!" I blushed at this remark, then quickly came back down to earth. "Ya. Sure. Whatever." I said, packing my stuff up. I'm sure mom knows, because... you know. Niall, her, ya. "Well please leave so I can get ready." I said. Niall left the room. I put on normal clothes and brushed my hair and teeth. All the normal stuff. I walked outside my room. Of course, being home flew by so fast. I was rushed to the airport the next day. First stop- London. Oh no. Niall and the lads are going to cry lakes. Hugging Niall closely, a picture was taken. I didn't see it though.

We arrived in London AGES later. I saw a magazine with... Me on it? I rushed over and bought the magazine and came back to Niall. "Niall, WHY IN THE WORLD AM I ON A MAGAZINE!?" I asked, half happy, half suprised. He shrugged. I read my articale. It said:

Teen sensation Allison Dearly is going on tour with One Direction. This is no suprise to some fans because she is Niall's best friend, and she is talented enough to make it a long way on the x-factor. Some fans question this relationship. Is it best friends, or is it more? Find out when you see this picture of Niall and Allison at the Mullingar airport. (Picture of Niall and I at airport.) Allison is holding on pretty tight there! She always has! Good luck Allison! ok... What? First of all yay! Second of all which? Third of all I was scared! And lastly thanks! Niall had read it too. We saw paul and paul pulled Niall aside. I wonder what. I walked away to the car getting ready for the concert tonight. They were going to burn the roof off this place.

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