When we were us

When we were us we ran in the field, could get away with anything, and just be best friends with out any doubts. When we were us we could tell each other everything. When we were us there wasn't anyone coming between us. We were us three years ago. Now we're who they want us to be. But sometimes when you're best friends with someone for so long, you still feel the need to let them into your heart because you believe they're still there. I believe youre there Niall.


2. The x-factor auditions

My 'best friend' grabbed my hand as I was walking towards a drinking foutain. "Wait!" He yelled. "What do you want?!" I asked. "I want a drink!" He said like a hepless child. He was like that. He was adorable and sweet and yet at the same time- my best friend. "Niallllllllll!" I said, exagerating the end. "Well I do!" He yelled, running infront of me. That's right. We have been best friends since we were little, about four or five. It's always competition between us. Our families are as close as we are. I was half laughing, half angry as I was snapped out of my thoughts by what I call the leperchaun. "ALLISON!" He yelled. I almost fell over. My name is Allison Dearly, and he was Niall Horan. He grabbed my wrist before contemplating me in some subject. Yes. This is us. I was what he calls the math geek, yet he lacked talents in any school, because of course he's fooling around too much. "Math geeky!" He called, noticing I'm off in my own world again. Yes, I do it a lot also.

He pushed his blonde hair back and smiled. That laugh was my world. He was my world. Of course, in a friend way. His blue eyes and blonde hair. His sweet smile and crooked teeth. "Allison, I'm trying out for the x-factor tomorrow." He said to me. "So soon?!" I asked in suprise. "I was planning this for months but didn't tell you. I didn't want you to see me fail. Then I decided to tell you, since it would be wrong if I didn't." He answered. "Don't worry! I'll be there cheering you on!" I said, happily. "That's the thing I didn't want to happen..." He whispered. "What?!" I blushed while saying. I madly stomped away. I got on my bike and rode to my house. How could he not want me there?! I'll be there if he likes it or not! I'm his best friend! So I got a good nights rest and woke up in the morning, ready.

I rode my bike to his house and greeted his mother. "Are you coming with us?" She asked. "Yea buddy!" I answered. She smiled and rolled her eyes. "You are JUST like Niall!" She said, jokingly. I laughed. We got in the car and drove to the tryouts. This huge stadium... I quickly shook it out of my head and looked at Niall. "You can do this!" I said, positivily. "Yeah.." He answered unsurely. I looked to see a line of about one hundred. Ugh. Waiting. We finally got up there and they put a number on Niall. His family and I headed back stage. "Hi Greg." I said, as he hit me on accident. He glared at me. As we were watching, I saw Niall. All Horan right there. He went on stage. I sang along with him as he sang Ne yo's 'Im so sick of love songs.' He sounded amazing. I have heard him sing before, but it wasn't true singing. It was more like fooling around singing.

When he finished, the judges stared at him. "GO NIALL!" I shouted from the back. I got shushed by everyone. "Well, you are adorable!" Katy said. I laughed. He sure was. "But adorableness won't sell albums." She continued. I laughed. It would in my world. "I vote yes!" Simon said. I swear- Simon has this magical gift of knowing who has talent and who will be BIG. "I vote no." Said one judge. "I vote yes!" Said another. That left Katy. I could tell she was kinda on the edge. "Of course. You're in." She said. He did the jump I taught him. Ha ha, my Niall. Not that I own him, it's just he's my best friend. I was so happy I literally screamed out loud. He came back stage. The first thing I did before I even spoke a word was run up to him and hug him. I even gave him a kiss on the cheek. Even though I felt something I never have before, like electricity, it was a family kiss. I loved him as a brother. "OMG NIALL!" I yelled. I realized we hugged long and his family needed a turn. Next was boot camp.

Before we left, a security guard came up to me. "Why don't you try out?" He asked. "I dont sing." I answered. "I heard you." He said. He pushed me on stage. "H-Hello..." I said, softly. "Hi." Simon said. "Hello..." I said again. "What will you be performing for us today?" He asked. The first song popped into my head. "Hey there Dalilah!" I yelled. I sang it and the judges weren't as amused as Niall's performance. "yes." Simon said. "No." One of the judges who said yes on Niall said. "Yes!" said another. Katy, was once again left with the faith. "Yes." She said. Woah. Did not see that coming. I'm not even that good of a singer. All though, I do love that feeling of the crowd cheering- Just. For. You.

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