When we were us

When we were us we ran in the field, could get away with anything, and just be best friends with out any doubts. When we were us we could tell each other everything. When we were us there wasn't anyone coming between us. We were us three years ago. Now we're who they want us to be. But sometimes when you're best friends with someone for so long, you still feel the need to let them into your heart because you believe they're still there. I believe youre there Niall.


11. The concert and the date

I woke up to Niall on top of me. "Get off me." I said, throwing him off the bed. "I'm just SO excided! Our first date!" He said. "Why? It's not real." I told him. "Uh- ya." He said embaressed. I got up and got ready. "you're so lame." I said, seeing him in a tux. He got into normal clothes and took me by the hand out into the public. It felt so weird holding his hand. My heart was racing and my face was red. It was weird. These things happen with Liam, but not as strong. Was I... falling in love? No way! Not with him. I just shook it out of my head. "kiss me." Niall said. I blushed. "Um... ok." I answered. When I kissed him, it was like an explosion of sparks. My eyes flew open. We leaned our heads together. "Niall?!" I said, suprised. "Ya?" He asked. "Never mind" I simply said. Then it hit me. I was in love with Niall. I always have been. It was something I've never felt. It was amazing. The awkward moments. The heart beating. Knowing I have no chance. I am in love with Niall James Horan.

Niall's pov

I don't think the plan worked, though it did set off an explosion of sparks. We have a concert tomorrow in a near by town, so I see what I can do. We got in the car and Allison was unusaully quiet. Lost in her own world. We arrived and she spent time with the crowd. She's so sweet. She gave a few people her numbers and sat down on a nearby bench. I smiled. I remember she gave me a nickname when we were young (Flash back) "Hi!" a girl called from a nearby table. I was with my friends as usaul, but she seemed alone. "Hi..." I said quietly. I was smiling huge because I was fooling around as usaul. "I'm Allison!" She said, handing out her hand. I shook it. "Why are you... Smiling?" She asked innocently. As a four year old, she was. "I don't know." I said. "I'm going to call you Smile Niall!" She told the whole classroom by shouting.

(Flashback over) Allison ended the song she sang and me and the boys headed on stage. We sang all our songs. Before we exited the stage, I stopped and said into the microphone "Hey everyone, before I go, I need to tell you something". The boys and Allison raced on stage. "The thing about Allison and I dating... Is not true." I said. Gasps and sighs from the crowd indicated we were good actors. Everyone's eyes went from o-o to O_O from Allison to Zayn. "It was a plan. A plan made by paul. I convinced him. Because I wanted to see if Allison would fall for me." I started to say. Allison turned RED. "Because.... I was in love with her since day one."

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