When we were us

When we were us we ran in the field, could get away with anything, and just be best friends with out any doubts. When we were us we could tell each other everything. When we were us there wasn't anyone coming between us. We were us three years ago. Now we're who they want us to be. But sometimes when you're best friends with someone for so long, you still feel the need to let them into your heart because you believe they're still there. I believe youre there Niall.


5. Returning to x-factor

We went home and things returned to normal- until we had to live in London. Niall brought his WHOLE bedroom, and I brought probably half of it. I didn't know how long it would be. The knock on my door knocked me out of my thoughts. "Allison! Hurry! We're going to miss our flight!" I heard Niall from the other side of the door. Throwing my suitcases and his... Dresser in the back, we zoomed to the airport. We landed in London, and we found ourselves at a little house. I examined it. It was... ADORABLE. It was huge, but the cutest mansion I've ever seen. One hundred contestants were living there. I calmly walked in with my suitcases and went up to my room. I threw my suit cases on my bed and ran for the kitchen. I was hungry. I started gulping down all the food. "You ARE Niall's best friend." I heard Liam say from the door way. "Hello Liam." I said, Putting a sandwhich down. He laughed. He went back to his bussiness and I went back to my eating.

The boys were doing a video diary as usaul when I was in the living room. I walked in to see them, and Niall looked at me. "SUPER MAN!!!!" Louis yelled. This caused me to fall over. I thought Louis was CALM. I quickly shook that out of my head and knew who he was now. I walked into the kitchen and started making dinner for Niall and I. This was what I did every day at home. I finally finished when they were done. I gave him the food and he ate it... quickly. I went to bed knowing tomorrow was another show. I woke up to the sound of screaming fans. They were waiting. Everyone else must be at the stadium. I pushed myself through fans galore punching, pushing, pulling me. When I reached it, I went into the stadium. I saw all the boys. The show started and we sang. fifty people got elliminated. I still wonder why I've made it this far. I saw Niall's smile. The smile I love. "Hey Allison, I'm going to change my hair style." He said to me, after the show. "I'm trimming me hair." He continued. I nodded.

The next day, I saw his new hair style. He looked.... Hot. My best friend... Looked... Hot. He was before, but now, as Louis would say, he was like a carrot on fire. Before he was like a carrot on fire. But now, He was like a carrot on fire in a volcano on the sun. I stared at him before saying "Brilliant...". It was simply amazing. I turned around to practice. That week went by fast, and so did they weeks after that. About the week before One Direction was eliminated, I was. But that's not the story. This is. That was just giving you an idea of what happened so it'd make sense. Here is the real action.

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