When we were us

When we were us we ran in the field, could get away with anything, and just be best friends with out any doubts. When we were us we could tell each other everything. When we were us there wasn't anyone coming between us. We were us three years ago. Now we're who they want us to be. But sometimes when you're best friends with someone for so long, you still feel the need to let them into your heart because you believe they're still there. I believe youre there Niall.


7. Lou?!

As we drove, Louis inbetween Niall and I, Louis and I had a chat. He put his arm around me somewhere durring this chat and blurted out "You're soft like a teddy bear!". I laughed at this, because this has been said about Niall too. Looking at Louis, I bent down to tie my shoe. The moment that changes everything. I looked into Louis' eyes. "Um- I-" I started to say, but Louis was already close. I suddenly felt his lips crash into mine. Oddly, they felt like static. My eyes flew open and so did Niall's. Niall had the words 'mixed emotions' on his face. Maybe because his best friends? I don't know. It felt wrong though.  As we arrived at the hotel, Louis put his arm around me and led me to the door. His concert is today. I'll be there. I'm the opening act. My best friend is famous. This is a lot to process.

Louis' pov

I loved her since Niall couldn't stop yapping about her all year. I have never felt something so... sweet. Her lips were soft like an angels. I wonder why Niall looked like mixed feelings? Oh well. I found the one for me. She was beautiful inside and out, and she doesn't know it. I looked behind me to realize the other boys were waiting for me to get into the hotel. The london magazine works fast and I know it. I have to keep any pictures away. I saw a light in her eye's when I was sitting on her at the airport. A light that burns like fire. A light in her eye that is in love. I knew if she wasn't the one for me, it was one of the boys. Which ever one, he is the luckiest in the world. All I can do is pray it is me. I opened the door to the hotel and it was flooded with fans. "Is she your girlfriend?" One asked. I kinda stood. I had no idea. I think. Well, we'll find out soon enough.

Liam's pov

Allison means a bunch to me. Unlike Louis, I wouldn't force my feelings on her. She seemed a little overwhelmed at the hotel, trying to explain what happened. I loved Allison, but I don't think she'd love me. If she did, I'd be the happiest boy in the world. Louis means a lot to me also. I don't want either of them to be broken. If they're meant to be, they're meant to be. I don't think we are meant to be. Even though I wish we were. Chilling in the room with her. It was getting hot in here. "So..." I said. "So...." She said. "So Lou and you?" I asked. "Um- We..." She said. It was getting hot in here. Either Im blushing really bad or the heater is on. "We are..." She said, trying to finish the sentance. "Dating." I stopped. Even though they were in love, they couldn't be dating. Publically. Paul had a plan. A very Pauly plan.

My pov

I could read Liam's face. "WHAT DID NIALL DO?!" I yelled at him. "Nothing." He said. Ok, I guess I couldn't. I looked around his room. "Want to do a twit cam?" He asked. "Sure." I answered as he turned it on. "Hello everyone." He said. "Hi." I said, jumping into the camera. The views went up by hundreds. "Wow! This is brilliant!" I said. "Look behind you? That one's SO old!" Liam said, still looking behind him. I did too. Ha ha, I guess it's still effective. Then I read one.

Allison, you know every boy in the band is in love with you.

I stared at the screen. "What?" I asked. The name was unknown. I looked around. I couldn't tell him I read that one because I saw his face. Red. He was either blushing or it was hot in here. It WAS hot in here. I guess I was blushing too. I suddenly started singing "When you move me everything is groovy, they dont like it sue me..." awkwardly. He laughed. The views went up a million. "Ah! Look how many people are watching!" I said, excidedly. Suddenly the car honked. "Have to go. We have a concert tonight. Good bye." He said, shutting the computer. Before that, I saw a coment.

Which one are you dating

We got in the car and drove up to the stadium.

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