My (not so) Secret Brother

Darcy's brother is the famous Harry Styles from One Direction. The two are super close and look alike. As time goes by things happen, and that's life right? But what will happen to Darcy?


11. You're Special To Me

I woke up to Louis quietly humming to himself.
"Morning Lou" I mumbled.
"Morning, did I wake you love?" Louis asked.
"Not at all" I said and slowly sat up so I didn't get head rush.
"What time is it?" I asked.
"Ten past eight" Louis replied.
"Nice. Do you want some breakfast?" I asked. "Or a tea?" I added.
"I'll just have a tea thanks love" Louis smiled.
"Got any plans for today" I asked.
"Nope, probably going to be a chill day as we have to be in the studio and stuff tomorrow" Louis explained.
"Right. I need to write down the dates of interviews and stuff so I know when I'm Going to be alone" I said.
"Well you'll be with us at interviews and stuff backstage or something, we can't just leave you" Louis chuckled, joining me in the kitchen.
"Cheers Lou" I smiled an gave him a quick hug and then put the kettle on.
"Morning Lou and Darcy" Harry grinned.
"Please say your fully dressed" I said before tuning to look at Harry.
"Do I have to get changed?" Harry whined.
"Yes or i'll have to avoid you whilst your exposed" I warned.
"You wouldn't avoid me, I'm your big brother" Harry whined.
"Yes you are and your also naked. Again. Not a thing a sister should see on her big brother now is it" I explained.
"She's got a point" Louis chuckled.
"Fine" Harry sighed and then I heard his feet slap the wooden floor as he walked.
"Thank god I didn't turn around" I sighed and poured the water into the mugs.
"Yeah" Louis chuckled. We stood in silence as we quietly sipped at our cups of teas.
"I'm back" Harry announced loud enough to make me jump and almost make me spill tea over myself.
"Is he dressed?" I asked Louis.
"Yup" he smiled and sipped at his tea. I slowly turned around and Louis was right, Harry was dressed.
"Can I have my hug now?" Harry asked.
"Yes" I smile and put my cup down and then made my way over to him. I wrapped my arms around him and he wrapped his around me. Suddenly I heard a little click sound.
"Naww sibling love" Louis cooed and looked at his phone.
"Don't post that anywhere, I look horrible" I warned and tried to tear myself away form Harry but he tightened his grip.
"Instagram on Harry's account" Louis chuckled.
"Please say you didn't"  I pouted.
"You look beautiful" Louis grinned and threw his phone in the air, caught it and walked off.
"What's going on?" Liam asked as he entered the kitchen.
"LIAM" I squealed causing him to jump back in horror. I ran up to him, wrapping my arms around him and giving his cheek a quick peck.
"Hello" Liam chuckled and set me down. Soon all the boys were in the kitchen. I was sat on the island with my legs around Zayn's stomach.
"Naww" Niall chuckled when he saw us.
"What? Cant i be friendly with Zaynie?" I asked with a pout.
"Not on my watch" Harry said in a very deep voice.
"But Dad!!" I whined even though I knew he was joking. Niall was red in the face from laughing. God I wish I would find everything as funny as he does. I kissed Zayn's cheek and jumped down.  "Where were you last night Lou?" Liam asked. My eyes widened.
"Me and Darcy were sleeping on the sofas" Louis shrugged.
"Why?" Zayn asked.
"We were watching a film and got tired" Louis explained.
"Same couch or different?" Harry asked.
"Different" Louis chuckled.
"Okay" Harry smiled.

"Guys, I'm bored" I whined and slid onto Liam lap, snuggling into his chest. Liam chuckled and placed an arm on my back.
"We could... Go out in disguises and chat with people wearing One Direction stuff" Louis suggested.  
"We could, but I don't want any of you especially my Darcy to get hurt" Harry shrugged.
"I'm in" I yelled. What? This might be fun. Or bad, won't know until we try.
"Great, lets go get ready" Louis clapped and stood up pulling Niall and Liam with him and dragging them upstairs.
"You sure?" Harry asked with a slightly raised eyebrow.
"Absolutely" I smiled.
"If anything happens to you I'm going to blame myself" Harry whispered.
"Harry, I'll be fine" I soothed.
"Love you Darcy" Harry grinned, picked me up and spun me around, ending it with a kiss on my forehead.
"And I love you to Hazza. Don't actually know what I'd do without you" I blushed.
"You'd probably be stuck at home in your room" Harry chuckled and then walked towards the stairs holding my hand.
"But I want that wig. I'm Louis the Tommo Tomlinson and this was My idea so hand it over" We heard Louis yell before entering.
"Turn the sass down babe" I giggled. Liam had his arms up in surrender with a mop of hair dangling in his hands. He slowly extended his arm to Louis who snatched the long brown wig. Louis strutted over to the mirror and fixed the wig onto his head.
"I can't be bothered to go out in a disguise" Niall groaned. 

"Neither" Zayn shrugged and lowered his head, resting it on Niall's shoulder.
"So we're not going out" Loui
s asked, holding a tube of lipstick.
"Nah' was a good idea though babes" Harry shrugged and slung an arm around my shoulders. "Fine" Louis sighed and flung the wig off of his head with so much sass
"What shall we do then?" Liam asked.
"We can cook" Niall suggested.
"No we can't" Harry laughed.
"Okay. Maybe we can do some arty stuff" Zayn suggested.
"Yeah" I agreed.
"We can order a pizza or something whilst were doing some arty stuff?" Niall grinned.
"Of course Ni" I smiled.
"Whoop" Niall yelled and ran into the kitchen and picked up the phone.
"To the purple room" I yelled.
"Let's go" Harry yelled and followed me into the Purple room next door. The purple room was used for anything but we mostly had art stuff in here 
In case we got bored but we also have board games and stuff in here to. Zayn insisted he drew me so I sat in front of him trying to draw him whilst he tried to draw me. The other boys were making something, I'm not quite sure what though. I smiled as Zayn's eyebrows pulled together as he concentrated more. He looked up and me and raised an eyebrow. shot my head down and blushed. Once I'd added the finishing touches on my drawing, I sat back in my chair and smiled. I waited for a bit and then Zayn had done the same as I had a minute or two ago. 


"Hey Darcy, I have something for you" Harry smiled. The others ran out the room when I mentioned that we needed to clean up.
"What is it?" I asked.
"Put out your hands" Harry ordered gently. I did as told. He placed a hand over my eyes carefully and then something light was placed in my palms. To be honest, it tickled a bit. The hand removed its self and I looked down. I couldn't help but start crying. Harry looked at me with a confused expression. I placed the gift on the table next to us and wrapped my arms tightly around him. He was quick to hug back.
"I love it, Thank you Harry. I love you" I whispered in his ear.
"I love you to" Harry replied. I pulled away and wiped away my tears and then picked up the gift, examining it closer. Harry had made a little paper child. It was a chibi kind of version of Harry holding one side of a big heart and me holding the other. He had done it so carefully I could tell. Harry watched me as my eyes scanned over the gift many times.
"Thank you so much Harry, I honestly love it" I said again with a grin. I held the gift carefully in my hand as I walked to my room and stuck it on my wall with blue tack, I then returned to the purple room and started to clean up with Harry helping.
"I couldn't ask for a better brother" I thought.
"I couldn't ask for a better baby sister" Harry replied. Damn, I guess I had said that out loud. I didn't care that Harry called me his 'baby' sister. I picked up the empty pizza boxes and took them out to the bin.
"BOYS" I yelled. I heard loud thumps and then four boys appeared in front of me.
"Yes Darcy?" Liam asked.
"We need help cleaning up" I said, asking for help. I was exhausted and wanted to chill. Liam must have noticed because he nudged the boys and they walked towards the purple room.
"Cheers Li" I smiled. Liam turned around so his back was facing me. I got the message and jumped on his back. He took me to the purple room and I watched in amusement as the boys including Harry, excluding Liam rushed around the room cleaning up their mess.
"I'm taking Darcy out" Harry announced.
"Go change into something cleaner and casual" Harry ordered. I nodded my head and then headed back to my room to change. I only changed into some different skinny jeans and put on my white and blue stripy top Louis brought me, with my purple jack willis jacket over the top. I then slipped on my black high tops Zayn brought me and then slipped my little charm bracelet with the first letter of each of the boys names on it and my mums and Gemma's. I stepped out of my room and saw Harry stood there in black skinny's  white t-shirt, black sunglasses, and his black boots. "Very Nice" I winked.
"Same with you. Gorgeous as always" Harry smirked. I slapped his arm gently and blushed. "Where are we going anyway?" I asked.
"I mean, you don't have to take me anywhere, you've given me an amazing gift already" I added. "That was nothing" Harry shrugged and walked down the steps.  
"It was something" I defended. Harry faced me and raised an eyebrow. "It was special" I said. Harry smiled and stopped walked down the stairs to hug me again. He grabbed my hand and led me to the door. We both yelled our goodbyes to the boy's and jumped into his car. We sat in a soothing silence as he drove and I watched the view go past as he drove. Harry parked in front of the park and led me to a hill. I froze as a blonde girl sat at the lovely picnic that was laid out.
"Darcy Kaycee, Kaycee Darcy  Harry introduced. I looked to Harry. "Kaycee's my girlfriend" Harry smiled. My eyes widened a small fraction than normal and I looked back at Kaycee. Instead of standing up and shaking my hand, she stuck it out from where she was sat. I shook it hesitantly and sat close to Harry. I was a little disappointed as I thought this was just me and Harry. Sibling to Sibling, but I guess not. Im not judging her yet, I'd rather wait for a better impression. But I just got that as she shuffled closer to Harry and cuddled up to him, continuous kissing his cheek. I rolled my eyes and picked up a carton of Orange juice and punctured a hole at the top with the spiky end of the straw.
"Sandwich?" Harry offered trying to hand me the tray without Kaycee gripping his arm. I took one and nibbled sat it nervously  I didn't feel especially wanted right now. Maybe from Harry yeah, but defiantly not from Kaycee. I think she'd rather suck his face off right now.
"So er, Kaycee. What'd you think of my sister?" Harry asked.
"She's your sister? I thought she was a bodyguard or something" Kaycee scoffed. I choked on my sandwich.
"Don't we look alike though?" Harry asked and smiled at me. I recovered and waited whilst Kaycee took a long look at Harry and a quick glance at me.
"Yeah I guess so" Kaycee shrugged. My heart shattered. I'm so used to being told Harry and I look alike, and I treasured it. 
"Excuse me?" I asked. Kaycee looked away from Harry and at me.
"What?" She asked.
"We do look alike" I said defensively.
"I said I guess so. Don't overreact" Kaycee giggled and then instantly stopped to start texting. Harry looked at me apologeticly.
"I'm sorry" I said and stood up. I walked away and waited on a bench. I knew Harry had tried to come after me but was pulled back down by a hungry Kaycee. I texted Zayn to ask if he could come get me. He replied instantly and asked for the address. I pushed my phone in my pocket once I'd replied and waited. Soon I heard the honk of a car. My head snapped up and I looked around. I saw a familiar black car and walked towards it, ducking into the passengers side.
"Tell me all about it" Zayn said and smiled reassuringly. I loved this about Zayn. On the slow drive back I told Zayn everything that happened. He even gave a long speech about me and Harry looking alike.
"I just don't like her. Not just because of that, but the way she acted." I sighed. I was really annoyed with Kaycee but I  wasn't annoyed at Harry, I mean he's my brother. He's Special To Me. 

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