My (not so) Secret Brother

Darcy's brother is the famous Harry Styles from One Direction. The two are super close and look alike. As time goes by things happen, and that's life right? But what will happen to Darcy?


4. The Skype Call

When the bell went I walked quickly out of my Geography class and through the playground. "Darcy!" some one shouted. As soon as I turned around Rachel was stood right in front of me. After giving me a quick hug, she pulled away and smiled.
  "Thanks for the hug?" I smiled, slightly confused as to why I had just received one. 
  "No problem. See you tomorrow" Rachel waved as she ran in the opposite direction to me. I was going to be best friends with Rachel of if wasn't already, and it had only been a day.
  "Darcy, over here" Mum called from the car, in which she had parked just outsiders school gated. Just like this morning.
 "Hey mum" I grinned and got in the passenger side.
 "You seem happy, despite it being your first day" she smiled and turned the key. The engine roared to life and we steered to drive home.
 "Yes because I've already made a friend. From the moment I walked in we became friends" I grinned stupidly, relived that I had actually got a friend.
 "Oh, well, that's great " Mum said keeping her focus on the road but patting my shoulder. 
 "Oh and Harry said he's Going Skype us at around five" I added.
 "Oh really?" mums face seemed to lighten up more. "Well we'd better get diner out the way" Mum added. We arrived home and I ran up to my room to change out of my uniform. I changed into my grey track suit bottoms, plain white vest and my purple jack wills jumper. Harry had a matching jumper to me, so now it was special to me. I brushed my hair and left it down. I hung out in my room for about an hour before I was summoned
 "Darcy, what shall we do for dinner?" mum shouted. 

 "One sec, just coming" I shouted back. I ran down the stairs and into the kitchen. "Mum?" I called.  "Down here love." mum said. I peered behind the island, and there she was, crouched down by the freezer. "There's nothing I want to have today" mum sighed. I helped Mum up and closed the freezer door.
 "How about a pizza or something? I asked.
 "Yeah okay, I'll order it, you get the laptop, it'll be around five when it arrives" Mum said and grabbed the phone. I ran back down stairs with the laptop. I set it on the dining room table and plugged it in the nearest socket. I turned it on. "Darcy, I've ordered a plain pizza for the three of us to share" Mum said.
 "Okay" I replied. I logged into Skype and saw Harry was online. I clicked on his name and messages him *Hey Hazza :D five as promised* I waited. The front door opened and Gemma walked in.
 "I'm back" Gemma called.

 "Pizzas for dinner" I said informing her.
 "Awesome, what you doing?" Gemma asked.
 "We're skyping Harry in a second" I said. Straight after I said that the laptop screen flashed and Harry was calling us. I answered and sat In front of the camera.
 "Pizzas here" mum called and joined me at the table.
 "Hey Mum, Hey Darcy... Where's Gemma?" Harry said.
 "Hey Harry" me and mum said in unison.
 "Hey Harry" Gemma called as she joined me and mum at the table. We all took a slice of pizza.  "Hey, no fair. i want Pizza.... I miss you guys so much" Harry said sadness filling his voice.
 "Hey, we're here for you. You boys are amazing" Mum said taking another bite of pizza.
 "Thanks" a series of voiced called.
 "Hey boys" Gemma said, giggling at their sudden appearance once they all showed up on the screen. The other Boys disappeared again after waving, to give Harry some time with us.
 "Are you keeping clean? Fed?" Mum asked.
 "Yes and yes, we've been moved into the Xfactor house, and we're going to these diaries to post on YouTube when we get our account, it will be on how we're doing, and questions and stuff" Harry explained.
 "Well that will give us something to watch" I chuckled.
 "Yeah I guess so and xfactor" Harry chuckled.
 "of course" Mum replied. I threw the pizza crust back into the box.
 "Poor crust" Harry laughed.
 "Harry, we've got to get some sleep, rehearsals early tomorrow" Liam whispered.
 "Yeah okay" Harry replied.
 "Well, we'd better let you rest your curls" Mum said.
 "Yeah, same time tomorrow?" Harry asked.
 "yup" Gemma smiled.
 "Well Bye my baby" mum smiled quickly wiping a tear away.
 "Give us a kiss" Harry smiled, showing his dimples. Mum leaned forward and kissed the camera and so did Harry.
 "Virtual kiss, I can handle for a while" Mum smiled.
 "Same, well I've got to go, dinners ready and I've got to sleep early" Harry frowned.
 "Bye Harry " I smiled weakly. I hated saying goodbye to Harry. A couple of good byes past and then he ended the call.
 "I think I'm going to go to bed" I said to mum.
 "But it's only half five" mum said, confused.
 "Yeah, tough day. I'll have a shower first" I said and then hopped up the stairs.

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