My (not so) Secret Brother

Darcy's brother is the famous Harry Styles from One Direction. The two are super close and look alike. As time goes by things happen, and that's life right? But what will happen to Darcy?


12. Some Time Later

The sun was rising and I was lucky enough to witness this from my bedroom window. One direction had not long ago passed their three year mark and they were as pumped about it as ever. My bedroom door creaked open and quite footsteps made their was over to me. Harry appeared by my side with a smile and then turned to the window, taking in the amazing view. We watched until it was higher into the sky.
 "What a way to begin the day, right?" Harry whispered. I nodded and made my way to the kitchen with Harry. I have a flat now that I share with a friend of mine, but she basically sleeps all day anyway, and it gets pretty lonely at times but Harry comes and stays for a day or two when he can. 
 "So how was tour?" I asked, popping the kettle on and preparing the cups.
 "Tour was amazing. The 5SOS boys were great to have and I saw you in the crowd with Gemma on time. I noticed" Harry smirked.
 "Yup. We were there. It was amazing, the 5SOS boys sounded great too" I replied, pouring water into the two cups. 
"Got an eye on one of them, have we?" Harry teased. 
"Yes. Ashton looked so hot on the drums, like O-M-G, my feels" I joked. Harry laughed it off and took him cup, blowing softly into it. 
"But seriously, have you met anyone yet?" Harry asked before taking a small sip from his cup. I shook my head as I sipped at my cup.
"Nope, but now that schools out the way i'm looking into going into college for photography so I might meet someone their or I might go for an apprenticeship" I explained.
"Seems like a plan. Just choose the one you think is best for you, okay?" Harry replied. I nodded again and drank the rest of my tea. Harry  finished his and offered to wash them up but I had to remind him I have a dish washer. 
 "Whatever. So, do you want to come see the boys today or do you have plans?" Harry asked.
"I would love to see my brothers from other mothers" I grinned.
"But i'm the best brother, remember that" Harry smiled. 
"Of course. Right, go get changed, i'll get changed and then we'll go?" I suggested.
"Sounds like a plan. See you in five" Harry replied and darted off the the guest room whilst I went into my room. 

As usual, I kept it simple. Skinny jeans, lace-up boots, Sleeping with Sirens t-shirt and a purple zip-up hoodie. I brushed my hair and brushed my teeth. I then jogged down the stairs and waited in the hallway. Soon enough Harry walked down the stairs in skinny jeans, boots, white t-shirt, open shirt and his sunglasses.
"Ready?" He asked, taking his keys from his pocket. Nodding, I stepped out of the door after Harry and closed it softly ,making sure not to wake up my friend. Harry drove us to where most of the boys were, as in Louis and Niall as Zayn and Liam were visiting their parents. I hopped out of the car and waited for Harry. We entered through he front door and saw Louis first as he was walking down the hallway. 
"Hey guys! Didn't expect to see you two today. The house is a mess" Louis chuckled and pulled Harry into a hug and then me. "My you look great" Louis winked at me, teasing.
"Where's Niall?" I asked. Louis held up a finger, cleared his throat and then yelled Nialls name. 
"What?" Niall yelled back. 
"We have visitors" Louis replied. Niall appeared at the top of the stairs and then ran full speed down them, pulling Harry and I into a group hug. 
"How are you guys? I haven't seen you in a while Darcy, hows things? Hows the house?" Niall asked, firing questions. Harry chuckled and walked into the kitchen with Louis. 
"Were both good. Things are good. I haven't seen you in ages either and the house flat thing is pretty good. Thanks for asking" I replied with a smile. Niall smiled back and walked with me to the kitchen. 

Niall slid his phone into his pocket and stood up mumbling about how his legs hurt. The three of us laughed and teased him by lightly pinching his legs where he had pins and needles. 
"Guys stop. Stop!" Niall gasped, wincing in pain. "That hurt" He whimpered, bringing his knees to his chest. 
"Sorry Ni" I said and helped him up. 
"I'm gonna go for a walk, anyone want to come?" Niall asked. Since no one replied and I didn't want him going on his own, I volunteered to go with him. 
"We'll be here watching tele or something" Harry said from the sofa.
 "See you in a bit" I waved and followed Niall.

We walked around a private park to avoid any drama and mobbing in public. Niall loved the fans but he needed a break at times. We walked in silence for a while, enjoying each others company and the surroundings then Niall spoke. 
"So, got a boyfriend yet?" He asked, staring ahead. Not again.
"Nope, why?" I asked. Niall shrugged. 
 "Would you ever date me?" He asked. I was a little taken back by this and thought of an answer. 
"I don't really know. Your like a brother to me and I don't want to ruin that bond with a relationship, if you know what I mean" I explained as nicely as I could. Niall is fragile and I don't want to break him.
"No, its totally fine. I get it. I feel the same way. You're my sister I never had, I don't want to change that. I was just wondering, ya know?" Niall explained, facing me quickly with a smile. 
"I understand. Sometimes you just want to know, am I right?" I asked.
"You're correct" Niall chuckled. "Want to get a coffee or something while we're out?" He asked. I nodded and we headed to the nearest coffee shop. 


(A/N) Okay, guys. I am so sorry I hadn't updated in months so I hope this chapter is good enough. Again, I am truly sorry. I will try to update more regularly and stuff. Thanks for sticking around :) <3

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