My (not so) Secret Brother

Darcy's brother is the famous Harry Styles from One Direction. The two are super close and look alike. As time goes by things happen, and that's life right? But what will happen to Darcy?


6. Sleepover

"DARCY'S HERE" I heard Layla, the one with the loudest voice screamed. Layla opened the door and gave me a hug. She pulled away and flipped her long blonde hair. Layla's sister Brittany stomped down the stairs and greeted me with a hug. Her long blonde hair was put up in a neat pony tail. Layla and Brittany looked like twins because they both had long blonde hair and the same shiny blue eyes. "Come on, your up next" Layla grinned. Just then I noticed that both girls had make up on.
 "Makeovers?" I sighed sarcastically.
 "Yes, Rachel's getting hers done now" Brittany grinned. "I BUGSIE DOING DARCY'S MAKEUP" Brittany shouted as she ran back up the stairs and into Rachel's room. I entered the room after Layla and put my bag pack on the floor.
 "Is that Harry Styles?" Rachel joked.
 "Very funny" I said and poked my tongue out.
 "What, you have matching hair, matching eyes, matching surname and now matching jumpers!!!" Rachel said.
 "Close your eyes" Georgia ordered. Georgia had no make up on, so I guess she was after me or something. Georgia had her straight brown hair in a messy bun, to keep her hair out of Rachel's face. Georgia looked at me.
 "Hey Darcy, Looking Styles-ish today" she giggled.
 "You guys are so hilarious" I joked. Maybe I shouldn't have worn this jumper.
 "Done" Georgia clapped her hands. Rachel opened her eyes and burst our laughing.
 "Don't you like it?" Georgia pouted.
 "I think she looks grown up" Paige said seriously as she walked into the room. "Darcy" she smiled wrapping her arms neatly around me.
 "Hey Paige" I smiled.
 "I love the new hair" I complimented her newly dyed bright red hair.
 "thanks gal" she grinned. Her bluey grey eyes sparkled.
 "come on Darcy" Brittany grinned evilly.
 "make me look pretty and not a clown" I sighed and sat on the little stool in front of the Mirror. Brittany looked at me and a puzzled expression grew on her face. "what?" I asked.
 "What can I do to make you more pretty" she said keeping the expression.
 "aha your so funny" I laughed nervously.
 "no I'm absolutely serious" she frowned.
 "I'm sure H
arry won't like us if we changed the way she looks" Layla laughed. I clenched my fists. I had the urge to shout ' Okay you win, Harry's my brother okay, and no your not having his number or anything and your not sleeping round mine just to see him' but I didn't.
 "look Harry's not my Brother just leave it or I'll leave" I sighed, getting quite frustrated.
 "okay okay, sorry" Layla snickered. 
 "okay close your eyes" Brittany ordered. She drew a black line across my waterline and then added a bit of mascara and lip gloss.
 "done" she smiled.
 "thanks" I grinned looking at myself in the mirror. 
 "Hey Darcy can I go on your phone?" Georgia asked chewing gum.
 "I haven't got my phone, oh girls I have to be back early tomorrow, my mum will text me in the morning." I explained.
 "going to see Ha-" Layla started but Paige slapped her hand in front of Laylas mouth. Layla frowned. 
 "thanks" I smiled. After truth of dare, sneaking down stairs to get a midnight snack, watching movies and everything, everyone started to drift into sleep. I was the only one left awake. I spotted a near by white board pen and started drawing on everyone's faces, so no one suspected I drew on my own face. I fell asleep and dreamed of reunited with Harry again.

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