My (not so) Secret Brother

Darcy's brother is the famous Harry Styles from One Direction. The two are super close and look alike. As time goes by things happen, and that's life right? But what will happen to Darcy?


7. Reunited

I woke up at 9 am. I sat up quickly and woke everyone up.
 "I have to go home soon" I said.
 "what, oh okay. See you soon" Layla smiled tiredly and then rolled back over.
 "fine bye" I chuckled shaking my head. I quickly changed in the bathroom and texted Mum to meet me at the shop a block away from Rachel's house. "bye guys" I whispered as I picked up my bag and giving my hair a quick brush and then leaving Rachel's house. I walked down the road and waited outside the shop. My mums BMW pulled up and I jumped in.
 "hey babe" mum smiled and kissed My forehead.
 "hey mum" I smiled back.
 "the the girls know your gone?" mum asked as she turned the car around.
 "I think so" I replied.
 "I bet you're very excited" mum said.
 "hell yeah, I miss harry so much" I said with a grin crawling across my face.
 "well you better wash and everything" mum pointed out.
 "are you saying I smell?" I asked putting a hand dramatically to my mouth.
 "no you just need to be presentable" mum giggled and stopped the car. I ran through the front door and up to my room. I slammed my bag onto my bed and opened my wardrobe doors. I took out my black converse shoes, blue skinny jeans and my white long vest. I jumped into the shower for a long wash. After the shower I dressed and dried my hair. I then brushed my hair and let my natural curls out. I didn't put on any make up because I don't like make up. Next was packing.
 "Darcy darling hurry up" mum shouted.
 "Kay" I replied. I grabbed some outfits, underwear, shoes and bundled them into my suitcase.  "ready" I grinned excitedly as I carried the suitcase down the stairs.
 "tooth brush?" mum asked.
 "oh yeah" I frowned and ran back up stairs, getting my toothbrush, hairbrush, deodorant and some sprays. I put them Ito a smaller bag and tucked it into my suitcase when I got back downstairs.  "ready?" mum smiled.
 "ready" I grinned. I looked at the clock, 1:30pm.
 "don't worry I'll drive you now" Mum reassured and grabbed her car keys.
 "bye Gemma" I called. Gemma came rushing in and gave me a huge hug.
 "bye Darcy" she smiled.
 "be back soon" mum told Gemma and we walked out to the car.
 "I'll be driving you half way and them A limo will drive you The rest of the way. The boys Will be waiting outside and the limo will park up and you will step out and Harry will probably run towards you" mum said as she turned the key and we started driving.
 "mum will you be okay?" I asked.
 "of course, I've got Gemma to keep my sane" mum chuckled. After a while mum stopped the car and we said our good byes. I dragged my luggage out the boot and mum waved good bye and drove away. A man helped put my luggage in the boot of the limo and I climbed inside 
 "hello" someone said.
 "oh hey Simon" I smiled.
 "you excited?" Simon asked.
 "very" I grinned.
 "I'm going to step out first and then you'll follow, is that okay?" Simon asked.
 "Absolutely" I smiled.
 "do you want a drink? Coke-a-cola?" he asked.
 "umm okay, thanks" I said and took the chilled can In my hand. I popped the lid and sipped happily. Me and Simon talked all the way to the x factor house, there was never silence.
 "we're here" Simon smiled. I saw Harry stood there with Liam, Niall, Louis and Zayn. A weird feeling filled my stomach when I watched him.
 "ready?" Simon asked. I nodded in reply. Simon stepped out the limo and the boys grinned at him.  "hey boys" Simon greeted.
 "hey Simon they all grinned.
 "I have a surprise for you" Simon said an the boys put on an eager expression. Simon nodded at me and I stepped out the limo. I faced the boys.
 "DARCY!!!" Harry yelled and raced towards me. He picked me up and swung me around. The boys joined our hug and then I was let go. My suitcase was put beside me.
!how long for?" Harry asked a grin plastered on his face.
 "a week, I hope you Don't mind" I said directing the last bit at the boys.
 "no it's fine" they smiled. Harry pulled me into another hug.
 "gosh I can't believe it" he grinned. I picked up my suitcase and Harry showed me to his room where I would be sleeping.

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