My (not so) Secret Brother

Darcy's brother is the famous Harry Styles from One Direction. The two are super close and look alike. As time goes by things happen, and that's life right? But what will happen to Darcy?


5. One Week Later

Darcy- Hazza? I have the week of this week! 
Harry- Really its only been a week?!
Darcy- I started a few weeks after everyone else remeber
Harry- Oh right, yeah. So you going to hang out with your new friends?
Darcy- Well I was hoping to see you sometime, If I can 
Harry- I would love that
Darcy- and I'll hang out with me friends tonight when we all sleep round Rachel's
Harry- No Skype?
Darcy- not unless you want the secret out
Harry- Well I accidentally told the press that I had a sister called Gemma, but then I stopped myself before I said you
Darcy- Thanks Haz
Harry- It's okay, but I told them my favorite girls name was Darcy
Darcy- All though it's not
Harry- It is now *chuckles*
Darcy- I can't wait I see you again
Harry- same, I've sent you, Gemma and Mum some tickets so you can come see us live
Darcy- Thanks!
Harry- I'm sorry but I have to go, got to record another diary
Darcy- Okay, love you
Harry- Love you to, bye
Darcy- Bye

I hung up and ran downstairs.
 "MUM, GEMMA" I screamed. Mum and Gemma ran into the living room.
 "What's wrong? Did you hurt yourself?" mum asked worried.
 "No, I'm fine" I giggled. Mum and Gemma sighed.
 "What's up then?" Gemma asked slightly annoyed.
 "Harry's sent us some tickets, to see One Direction perform at x factor" I grinned.
 "Your kidding" Mum said a grin stretching across her face.
 "Not at all" I started to jump around and soon I was jumping with mum and Gemma. I suddenly stopped. "oh and Gemma, Harry accidentally told the press that your his sister but stopped before he said my name" I said and bit my lip.
 "Wonderful. Guess i'll be expecting some attention soon then" Gemma rolled her eyes.
 "What if they show me on camera with you two and say this is Harry's sisters and mum" I asked feeling slightly sick because then everyone would want to be my friends because of Harry and I might loose my real friends.
 "Then just stick with Rachel, Brittany, Georgia, Paige and Layla." Mum said.
 "But all of them have a crush on Harry" I whined. Gemma started laughing. "Don't its pure torture, they say that want him so bad, they go on about him the most, rarely the others. But I feel sorry for the others so I bring them up". I sighed and fell onto the sofa.
 "Oh babe" mum said trying not to laugh.
 "It's not fair, I want to have them round for a sleepover, but they'll recognize you and Gemma and then all they'd do is ask about Harry an ask if they can have his number and stuff" I signed loudly. "AND they'd be talking about him and the boys all night" I said and rubbed my forehead.
 "Say you don't want to go then" Gemma suggested.
 "I cant they're my best friends" I frowned standing up.
 "If they were your real friends, you'd have told them by now. But you'll have to leave your mobile here, because I know that they'll go through it" Gemma said.
 "True" mum sighed.
 "I miss him" I cried, not wanting to talk about the sleepover anymore.
 "We all do" mum said pulling me into a hug.
 "I'm grateful and everything but it's weird not seeing him in person everyday" I sobbed.
 "but what about when they go on your around the world without us" Gemma said. "
 don't make it harder for her" mum sighed pushing my hair out of my face.
 "can I go to the xfactor house, if I ask Simon?" I asked.
 "I say yes but I don know about Simon" mum said.
 "can you text him, I know you have his number" I sniffed and then looked at her with puppy eyes.  "I'll try" mum sighed and pulled away.
 "but tell him not to tell the boys, it'll be a surprise" I smiled.
 "I'll ask if you can stay over for one night" mum said and then began texting.
 "i'll go get ready for the sleep over" I smiled and ran upstairs and put some pj's and clean clothes, toothbrush hairbrush etc into my bag pack and walked back down stairs.
 "your going dressed like that?" Gemma asked. I looked down. I was wearing blue skinny jeans, a plain while t-shirt and my purple jumper that was an exact match to Harry's.
 "Yes" I said looking up again.
 "Theyll ask about your jumper" Gemma pointed out.
 "but I won't be able to Skype him, text him or call him" I said trying not to cry again.
 "fine just say that you've had it for ages.
 "okay" I smiled.
 "Good news" mum grinned walking into the hallway where me and Gemma were stood. "
 You and Gemma are aloud to go to the x factor house tomorrow and stay the night" mum added.  "YAY" I cheered and ran and gave mum a huge hug.
 "I think Darcy should go by her self, I've got to do some stuff, plus shes finding it harder without him" Gemma smiled.
 "Really? I don't mind" I said, a grin still plastered on my face.
 "it's okay, like I said I'm doing something" Gemma smiled.
 "but you have to be back at twelve tomorrow so I can drive you there at two" mum warned.
 "Okay, but first can you drive me to Rachel's?" I grinned cheekily, showing my dimples.
 "I can cope when your around, because you look like him" mum whispered and kissed my forehead.

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