My (not so) Secret Brother

Darcy's brother is the famous Harry Styles from One Direction. The two are super close and look alike. As time goes by things happen, and that's life right? But what will happen to Darcy?


8. I Missed You

 "I've missed you so much" Harry smiled.
"Haz, that's the fifth time you've said that to her" Louis chuckled.
 "I know, but I have missed her" Harry said and pulled me into another hug.
 "Wow I can see what you were talking about now, you two do look exactly the same except Darcy's the girl version... and younger of course" Zayn said as he walked into the room.
 "Do you want some ice cream?" Liam asked.
 "no I'm good thanks" I replied.
 "okay" he smiled and walked off.
 "Gaahhhh" I sighed and pulled Harry into another hug. "I won't be able to leave you at the end of the week" I sighed.
 "I know, I won't either" Harry whispered. Liam Walked into the room with a small tub of ice cram and he was eating it with a wooden stick.
 "why don't you eat it with a spoon?" I asked.
 "Liam doesn't like spoons" Niall said.
 "Okay, but strange" I giggled.
 "I'm not that strange" Liam said defending himself.
 "So what shall we do?" Louis asked.
 "Maybe we should go out to Nandos for dinner?" Niall suggested.
 "yes but what shall we do before that?" Louis asked.
 "Let's watch a movie" Zayn suggested.
 "Yes" I smiled agreeing with that plan. After watching toy story, Liam babbled on about which bits were his favourites and then went on about Woody.
 "Liam man, cut it out" Zayn said in his chilled out voice.
 "sorry mate" Liam said putting his head down.
 "you seem to know alot about toy story" I pointed out.
 "Liam loves the film" Harry said. "
 that's like the thirtieth time ever watched that" Niall said. "anyways Nandos time" Niall added and stood up.
 "to Nandos" I said in a failed Irish accent which made Niall laugh. "it wasn't that bad was it?" I asked.
 "No but you sounded just like harry when he talks like Niall" Louis chuckled. I looked at Harry.  "Anyway, to Nandos" I said again. After Nandos we went back to the x factor house.
 "do you want to sleep in my bed?" Harry asked.
 "no I'll take a couch" I smiled.
 "No you won't". Harry said firmly.
 "Yes I will" I argued back.
 "fine" harry said.
 "fine what?" I asked.
 "Fine, we will top and tail" harry grinned.
 "No thanks. You sleep nude" I Said.
 "where else then?" Harry asked.
 "the couch" I said
 "she can take my bed and will sleep on the couch" Liam offered.
 "no, I'll sleep on the couch, you guys are the ones that have to perform" I said. Harry signed in defeat.
 "have you got a blanket?" I asked.
 "your going to bed now?" Harry asked.
 "No just getting ready" I smiled.
 "Babe, we need to make a video diary" Louis said as he walked over to Harry.  
 "oh yeah, want to be in it?" Harry asked.
 "secret remember" I reminded him.
 "you can't live like this" Harry frowned.
 "I can't live with fake friends" I frowned with him.
 "we can hire a nice teacher to home school you, that way you can wear what ever you like. Plusyou'll make new friends" Harry smiled. 
 "hmmm... I don't know" I sighed.
 "Don't worry about it then" Harry smiled.
 "fudge it, I hate listening to my friends talk about how much they love you guys, let's do this" I grinned. I had to give up, I honestly hated it. It was pure torture but now I guess they will want sleep overs and everything, or maybe they won't. I guess we'll see. The boys let out a woop.
 "wear your onesie" Louis smiled.
 "will do" I smiled. I threw on my onesie and walked to the stairs with the boys. I sat next to Louis at the top of the stairs, Harry and Zayn were In front of us and Liam and Niall were In front of them. "Hi" 
"Direction" the boys said individually.
"First of all I would like to introduce Darcy styles my other sister" Harry smiled at the camera and then pinched my cheeks.
 "Quit it" I warned.
 "they look alike don't they Liam" Niall said.
"Yeah and it's a two year difference" Liam chuckled. After we finished filming, Harry turned to me.
"Before we upload this, are you ready to have paps, loose your friend Maybe" Harry asked. "Ready" I grinned.
"Let's do this" Louis shouted.

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