My (not so) Secret Brother

Darcy's brother is the famous Harry Styles from One Direction. The two are super close and look alike. As time goes by things happen, and that's life right? But what will happen to Darcy?


10. Hanging out with Mum

"This. Is. So. Good" Niall grinned whilst taking a bite in his seventh pancake. I licked my lips and stood up to put my plate in the sink.
"Haz, mum want to see us today" I said.
"Sure" Harry smiled.
"Yay we get to see your mum" Louis teased.
"Maybe just me and Darcy" Harry sighed.
"Naw please take us" Niall pleaded.
"Zayn?" I asked.
"Not bothered. Your mum. You get to choose if you wanna see her on your own or with us and the boys should respect your decision and probably visit their parents" Zayn shrugged.
"Good point" Liam said.
"I'll call my mum now" Louis said and walked out of the room.
"Yeah I guess I'll call my mum" Niall said once he finished his pancakes. Liam was already on the phone.
"Well that was easy" Harry chuckled.
"Go get ready then styles" Harry added.
"I am actually just gotta brush my teeth and then BAM done" I said shouting the bam.
"Okay then" Harry laughed. My phone rang in my pocket so I slipped it out and held it to my ear as I walked up the stairs.
"Yellow" I said.
"Please please please can we be friends again" Joyce pleaded. I waited. "And if we do can I just please have Harry's number" there it is. That's what I was waiting for. I sighed and hung up. That's what I got out of the video diary a year ago. My friends were all over me asking about Harry and what his number was and if we can all hang out so Harry thought it was best if I moved away from the hassle and lived with him and the boys.
"Asking for my number again?" Harry asked, scaring me.
"Jeez Haz. Gave me a heart attack. And yes" I sighed again.
"I'm sorry Darcy" Harry half smiled and pulled me into a hug. We both brushed out teeth and grabbed our coats.
"Bye guys" we yelled.
"BYEEEEE" Louis screamed. Harry and I laughed and sat in Harry's car.
"Let's go see mummy" Harry smiled and started the car.
"My baby's!" Mum squealed when she opend the door to reveal us. She pulled us into Bone crushing hugs.
"Woah mum.. Can't breath" I managed.
"Oops sorry" she giggled and pulled away. She let us in and made us sit down in the lounge.
"So how are you both?" Mum asked.
"Famous" Harry chuckled. "But well" Harry added.
"I'm good too, and you?" I asked.
"Much better now" mum smiled.
"Hey guys" Gemma smiled as she joined us in the lounge.
"Gemma!" I squealed and ran over to her and gave her a hug.
"Hey Gem" Harry smiled and joined our hug.
"We all have to go out for lunch". Mum suggested.
"I would love to but I've gotta go. Catch up soon?" Gemma asked.
"Very soon" I smiled. We were silent once Gemma left. Mum put her hands on her legs creating a faint slapping sound and then she stood up.
"Shall we go?" Mum asked and headed for the door.
"Mum we just ate" Harry said awkwardly.
"We can just wonder around town" mum said.
"We'll get bombarded with fans and I don't want you both getting hurt" Harry said and put and arm over my shoulder.
"I'm sure we'll be fine" I said and walked out the front door. We decided to drive into town just incase we need the quick escape.
"Here we are" mum grinned and hopped out the car.

"What about this mum?" I asked holding up a black cotton scarf. Mum slung it around her neck and posed making me and Harry start laughing.
"Beautiful" I grinned.
"Is that Harry?" I heard a girl whisper. I turned walked forward and stood next to Harry.
"We can either run or you take pictures. We cause drama either way" I whispered. Harry spun around.
"Harry" the girl whispered.
"Shh please I'm out with my mum and sister. I'll take pictures or what ever" Harry smiled. Once they had a few pictures with Harry they hurried off.
"Easy" Harry smirked at me.
"Not until they post the pictures somewhere and everyone figures where we are" I said.
"Oh don't worry" Harry smiled.
"You were the one worrying about this earlier" I said.
"I know but I might be able to handle it". Harry said and pulled me into a reassuring hug.
"Where's mum?" I asked.
"Over there" Harry said and pointed towards mum trying on pairs of sunglasses. I smiled and walked over to her with Harry by my side. After about an hour of looking in shops we decided to head for a costa.
"We an go back now if you want" mum said.
"No. I say we go bowling" I grinned. 
"Me to" Harry grinned as well.
"Well me three" mum smiled and we finished our costas and headed to AMF Bowling.

We returned home after having dinner in a restraunt and dropping mum off.
"That was refreshing" I said and slumped into the sofa and put my head in Harry's Lap. He stroked my hair and put on a movie.
"Love you Hazza" I smiled.
"Love you too soppy" Harry chuckled. The boys soon returned home and joined us to watch another movie.
"Night Darcy, night Lou" Harry, Liam, Niall and Zayn said as they went upstairs.
"Want to watch another movie?" Louis asked.
"Sure" I said. We ended up watching 'Avengers Assemble'. I found my eyes getting heavier throughout the film and round about the middle of the film, , my eyes closed.
"Night Darcy" I heard Louis whisper and then I think a blanket was placed on me and I felt Louis snuggle into the sofa... So I guess my head was in his chest right? Anyway we both fell asleep on the sofa and dreamed about nothing at all.

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