My (not so) Secret Brother

Darcy's brother is the famous Harry Styles from One Direction. The two are super close and look alike. As time goes by things happen, and that's life right? But what will happen to Darcy?


3. Break Time

After a fun lesson of drama, I had a lesson of history. That lesson seemed to drag on for hours. The bell rang and everyone headed to the cafeteria or the playground.
"Darcy WAIT!" Rachel shouted.
"Oh sorry, I didn't know what lesson you had" I explained.
"It's okay, this is my bench. I always sit here. Come on then sit down" she offered. I sat down next to her on the old wooden bench. "Do you want some chocolate brownie?" Rachel asked.
"Thanks but I have one aswell" I giggled taking a chocolate brownie from my lunchbox, in my bag. "I love brownies" Rachel started to explain why she loved them, but I lost interest because my phone buzzed. I looked at the screen.

*1 new message: Harold*

I'd saved Harry's name as Harold so it wasn't obvious and if anyone asked if say it was my grandad. I unlocked the screen and clicked on the message

*Harold: Hey, how's school so far? You have to tell me the break and lunch times so I know when to text ;) I really miss you guys so much already <3 xxxx*

I smiled at the text.
"Who is it?" Rachel aske peering over my shoulder.
"Umm my grandad" I said, trying not to hesitate.
"Aww how cute, well text him back then" Rachel said nudging my side and ten taking a bite of her brownie.

*Hey Haz, school okay I guess, I've already made a friend called Rachel. I've Recieved a couple of weird looks but I don't care. Break is at 10:30 and lunch is at 12:35. I miss you so much aswell. Skype tonight? <3 xxxxx*

I sent the message and started to eat my brownie.
"What do you have next?"Rachel asked.
"Art then PE" I said finishing my brownie.
"Oh cool, we're in the same lessons" Rachel grinned. My phone buzzed again.

*Harold: Oh that's great :D ignore the looks. Yeah I can skype at about 5ish? Xxx* I wiped my hands and then started to text

*I will, 5 sounds fine, mum will be there aswell. I g2g, bell rang, text you at lunch or something xxxx*

"Umm Arts this way" Rachel pointed out.
"Shhh I'm new here" I giggled and ran over to her. "Whats the art teacher called?" I asked.
"You wouldn't believe it but it's Mr Brush." Rachel said before erupting with laughter.


Authors note: Hey, Sorry this was a short chapter, I wasnt sure what to write ;) More chapters coming soon xxx

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