You Never Know What Is Behind A Good Girl

The main character Amanda gets into a huge fight with 3 means girls. The girl Jenny is the big bad bitch of all. The girl Kimmy is the 2nd butch of all and she is really ugly! And then Hanna is the crazy one and she has some mental problems but she is still very mean. Amanda has a best friend Diana who does want any drama so she doesn't take any sides really. Amanda and the 3 girls get into an argument which leads to very bad things.
Authors Note:Read to find out what is gonna happen next! XD


1. How It All Started

Amanda has brown hair and brown eyes. She is very stubborn. And can have a bad temper at times. So Amanda was once friends with Jenny, Kimmy, and Hanna. But then they all turned on her. They all turned into nasty bitches. on Friday, August 3, 2012 Jenny started to talk shit about Amanda but was to scared to say it to her face. So Amanda confronted her. And Jenny was just being a straight up bitch. Then Jenny punched Amanda in the arm. And Amanda doesn't take shit from anyone. So Amanda just started to raise her voice and tell Jenny how immature Jenny was. So Amanda walked away angrily. And went to Diana's house to talk. Amanda rang the door bell and told Diana the whole thing. Diana said that she did  the right thing and that Jenny needs to grow up and act her own age. Then Kimmy comes up to them.

"Why the hell would you start cursing out my gurl?!?!" Kimmy exclaimed.   

"Excuse me? Your "gurl" punched me and I am not gonna take any crap from anyone. Do you understand me?!?!" Amanda said angrily.

Kimmy started to get into her face and Amanda backed away. Amanda doesn't want to get into a fight. She hates drama. But Kimmy was acting like a crazy person. So Diana got in front of Kimmy and pushed her and told her to get the fuck out of there. So Diana went upstairs.

"Are you OK?" asked Diana

"Yea I guess" said Amanda

"Do you want me to beat some ass" exclaimed Diana

"Nah, that's a bad idea" replied Amanda

"Wanna sleepover tonight?"asked Amanda

"Absoulutly!!" exclaimed Diana

Diana and Amanda walked to Amandas in silence. Then Hanna came up to Amanda and poured a whole bottle of Gatorade all over her. Diana got pissed of and jumped on Hanna and started to punch her in the face. Amanda ripped Diana off of Hanna. Hanna had a bloody nose and scratch marks all over her.

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