It was always you

Sophie Moran has been best friends with Niall Horan for years, even before he entered into fame. Can she handle his fame and will they stay just best friends?


1. Never Have I Ever

Sophie laid on her bed scrolling through the pictures of her and Niall on her phone. They looked nothing like the Niall she saw all over tumblr, all the pictures of fans "shipping" him with all different girls. Yet she still somehow looked the same, dark brown wavy hair in every picture, though now it was down her back. The same boring hazel eyes, small mouth and average nose. Sophie just thought she was an average looking girl even though she had been told otherwise.

Everything had changed since Niall went to audition for X-Factor by himself and emerged a member of One Direction. Sophie hadn't talked to him or laid eyes on him for months, him being on tour and all, but he was on his way home and he was bringing his four new best friends with him. She couldn't wait to meet them, to see Niall again, it had been way too long.

"You're so in love with him." her younger sister's voice came from the doorway, Sophie rolled her eyes.

"I am not, get OUT of my room." she replied harshly.

"I'm not even in your room biitch, so it doesn't count" Lori said sticking her tongue out and turning to walk away.

Lori was fifteen, only three years younger than Sophie, and while they got along most of the time occasionally they fought. Sophie got up and closed her door clicking the lock, what if Lori was right.. What if she really did love Niall? She shook the thought immediately. Impossible.. We're best friends.. I can't ruin a friendship over some stupid crush. Sophie thought almost laughing at herself for even considering that thought.

The truth was Sophie had been in love with Niall since he pushed her down on the playground when they were just five. Her love had just grown over the years, yet she had never acted on it. Niall was so picky with his girlfriends Sophie just knew that she didn't fit the requirements, she knew she wasn't good enough for him.

Niall sat on the plane, counting down every minute until he would be back home with his family, be back home to see Sophie. He had missed her more than anyone even knew, well more than she knew. All the boys had continuously teased him about his little crush back home, according to all of them he never shut up about her. And the truth of it was he never did, Niall could go on and on for days about Sophie the way she wrinkled up her nose when things didn't go her way, the way she could ramble off random facts about anything you talked about, how she had always been there for him through everything. 

Niall loved Sophie, he would always say she was like a sister to him, but you don't think about a sister the way Niall thought about Sophie. No, he loved her as way more than just a sister, but he couldn't ruin his friendship with his best friend. He would rather just be friends with her than be nothing at all.

As the plane touched down on the ground he held his breath and Harry looked over at him with a wicked smile on his face "You ready mate?" he asked cocking an eyebrow. "Yeah.. I'm ready" Niall replied, but he was far from ready.

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