It was always you

Sophie Moran has been best friends with Niall Horan for years, even before he entered into fame. Can she handle his fame and will they stay just best friends?


2. Landing


Sophie stood at the end of the end of the arrival terminal waiting to see the familiar blonde hair bobbing through the crowd. She nibbled on her lower lip and stood on her tippy-toes trying to catch a glance of the boy she so desperately longed to see. As soon as Sophie saw Niall in the rush of people a smile covered her whole face, she couldn’t help but be happy to see him.

Niall saw Sophie standing at the end of the terminal and he quickly rushed to her, dropping his bag before he wrapped her in a huge hug. “I missed you so much Soph.” he said gently, kissing the top of her head.

“Right back atcha babycakes.” Sophie replied pulling back and smiling up at him. “You look good kid” she said, reaching up and tousling his hair with a soft giggle.

“Aye!” Niall exclaimed grabbing her wrists, chuckling. “Leave my hair be!” he said with a soft pout.

Sophie opened her mouth to speak but was interrupted by someone behind Niall. “Ahem… Sorry to interrupt your little love-fest.. but can we get some introductions over here?” the boy spoke.

Sophie’s cheeks turned a bit red but she stepped back from Niall and looked at the four boys behind him. “Well I’m Sophie, Sophie Moran.” She said, smiling at the boys, “And I believe I already know all your names.” She stepped to the first boy, the one who had spoken, the boy with the sultry eyes. “Zayn.” She said in a cheery voice catching him off guard with a hug, he chuckled lightly and hugged her back.

“Louis.” She moved to the next boy, hugging him as well, he smiled and accepted her hug cheerily.

“Nice to finally meet you love.” He said, stepping back from the hug and smiling at Sophie.

“You must be Liam.” She said to the next boy, and he reached for the hug before she could.

“Right you are darling.” He said, hugging her tightly. Sophie could already tell her and Liam were going to get along just fine.

“And last but never least, Harry!” she said, grinning and giving the curly-haired boy a hug.

“Well Niall.. Sophie here is a lot hotter than you told us.” Harry said winking down at Sophie.

She rolled her eyes playfully “Yeah, Niall warned me about you.” She said poking his chest and turning away to walk back to Niall. “Well let’s get you all home. Yeah?” she said, taking his hand and pulling him towards the door.

His skin felt like it was on fire where his skin was touching hers, but he knew he had to fight these feelings with everything he had.

In the next week Sophie and the boys had spent a lot of time together and she had gotten closer with each of them. She loved the slightly annoyed look Niall got on his face whenever Harry flirted with her, it almost looked like he was jealous but she convinced herself otherwise. Tonight was a movie night at her house that she arranged; her parents weren’t going to be home the whole weekend.

Sophie pulled her long hair up into a loose bun and slid on black sweatpants with a plain pink v-neck. She swiped some mascara on, and headed downstairs to make sure everything was all good.

She checked the movies; Jaws, Super Troopers & the Last Exorcism, and popped Jaws in to play first. She looked around, all the snacks were set out and everything was seemingly perfect. Now she just had to wait for the boys.

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