The Hunch

Who doesn't fear The Hunch ? Who is he even? Is he just one another leader of a gang. Assasin? It is one big question. The other thing is. - YOU and i knows who he is. It is Justin Drew Bieber. Ready to fight his fight. Never gonna break down.
This story is full of Drama and action ! If the action can't win your heart, i'm sure that Hunch will!


1. The Hunch is here.


THE HUNCH IS HERE     It was half past 7 in the morning. Tyler and Dylan were sitting outside the gangs meeting place. Dylan was smoking something. He always had something new to smoke. And if he did'nt he would smoke anything! He would even set fire to a dog poob if that would be necesarry! "This is sick!" he spat and blew a ring of smoke out in the late summer air. His eyes were red. He had been sitting there the whole night listening to Tyler's pathetic questions just to wait for Justin. The Hunch could be back at any moment. "SHUT UP OR I'LL PUT THIS IN YOUR MOUTH!" Dylan yelled and grabbed his knife, after one more of Tyler's questions. Tyler awkwardly closed his mouth and sat down in the leaves on the ground. There were a lake near. This is for Justin's sake. Somewhere nice to put the victims? They were for the first time both quiet. Tyler was almost acting like someone had smacked a zipper over his mouth and closed it. Tyler rolled his eyes and made faces behind Dylan's back. After a while Dylan realized, and he did'nt hesitate to grab around Tyler's neck and push him back in the leaves. "that should be enough" Dylan groaned and leaned back to lean his back on the house. He looked at Tyler who had sat up again, and then again his look shifted direction. He jumped up from the ground with a little scream, while he fought a little helplessly with his arms "ARGH!" he screamed, and covered his mouth with his palms. There he was standing a couple of feet away from Dylan. He smirked a little, and dropped a cigarette on the ground. Totally quiet he had sneaked up in front of Dylan. The Hunch was back again. "Why do you always do that Justin!" Dylan spat and brushed the dirt off his pants and stands up.  Justin chose not to answer his question. He chose to answer with ANOTHER question. "Why do you wanna know ?" Justin murmured. he looked down at Tyler, who was sitting speechless on the cold ground. He did'nt expect any response to what he just said, so he continued. "Stop punching Tyler. It's not for nothing we have it, so i don't want it dead!" Justin always talked about Tyler as if he was some kind of animal, or and object. Tyler was the new guy, and the youngest. Until then his job was to keep Dylan awake. He did that by asking his hundreds of questions and driving everybody around him crazy. "I'm sorry" Dylan said like an escape from one of Justin's freak outs. Justin looked pissed after that answer. He pulled op one more cigarette, and as he fired it, he took a drag to come back down to eart. Which did'nt really work for his bad temper "Really?!" he sneered "and you're not gonna ask how my night was?"  He looked into Dylan's eyes and waited for response, while taking one more drag on the cigarette . It was pretty windy, but i not cold. Not yet. "How was it then?" Dylan said and threw his own 'cigarette' away. "TERRIBLE!" Justin yelled up in his face and passed him to walk inside. As Justin got in Josh, Matthew and Logan were sitting around a table. "Where is Payton?" Justin asks in an annoyed tone, and looked at Josh. Josh did'nt respond anything, and Justin instantly knew that Payton had not appeared at the gangs house the whole night over. Logan made a pouty face and turned around. He was still mad cause Justin did'nt wanna listen to him last night. "Logan!" Justin groaned and stamped on the floor with his foot. "Really bad mood huh Masy?" Josh said in a cheeky way. "It's MASON!" Justin's eyes lit up filled with anger. "I think you should try not to push my buttons Josh!" he said and threw a plastic cup in his face. Josh stood up and walked up to Justin. Matthew shook his head and threw a glance at Logan. "And it never ends.." Matthew mumbled. Logan shook his head like he was agreeing to what Matthew just said. Josh took the cup and threw it back at Justin. Justin did again not hesitate for a single moment, and pulled back his fist to leave a little space between it and Josh's face, and within seconds Justin had punched Josh's jaw, and it made and awful sound as Josh fell back on the floor. "Get your hands off me!" Josh murmured and pulled himself up from the floor. Payton entered the room quietly and gulped. Payton sighed before she looked up. "I have got bad news. " she said and walked to the table and put her black backpack on it. It contained three knives. Justin looked down at the table. "where are the guns Payton?" he said and lifted his eyes up, and his look fell on Payton. He lifted his dark bushy eyebrows and licked his lips. She made and insecure face and looked pretty confused. " That is what i wanted to tell you. There are only the knives. And among them there are Tyler's stuff. Nothing else." she said and bit her lip, in fear of how Justin would react.  "What a lot of nonsense!" Justin sneered. " I paid! It actually has a big value for all the guns we ordered! " he knocked his bare fists down in the table. This is how he acted when something did'nt go after his plans. Like an inner vulcanic eruption, followed by a huge weave of him talking, and complaining. "I DISGUST those people as hell! " he yelled at the others. "And you are sure you paid?" Payton said, and without sounding too bossy. "I told you that you had to do it this night, cause there were failure in the last payment we did. " she added. She looked confused as well as he did. " Oh. " he looked down. "Confession" he mumbled and looked up again. "What?" Matthew says. " I SAID CONFESSION! I FORGOT IT!" he yelled and stepped a little back to leave a spase between himself and the table in fear of breaking something. "But that was the ONLY thing you were going for this night? THAT, and then i will recommend you to DO it. What have you been doing!?" Logan said and stood up in protest. "Yeah you smell like perfume" Matthew continued.  Justin did'nt really answer the question. "He might not even KNOW this time" Josh groaned and made a face. Justin rolls his eyes. "You don't even have to say it Justin" Payton spat " Just... Just don't habituate that!" she bit her lip. " This is not YOUR buisness" Justin said in an annoyed tone and moved on his one eyebrow so he looked a little pissed. "YES it is! When you choose to go look at vaginas instead of doing you job in the gang THEN it is" Josh said. "DON'T try to act bossy to me! " Justin yells. "OBEY and shut up! That shit your doing really provokes me highly!" he continued. "Calm down boys. It is gonna be fine" Matthew mumbled and looked at the clock. "I can go pay now." he said and stood up and stretched. "I haven't been on any jobs for almost 2 days!" "NO! I will go!" Justin said, because he was desperate for leaving the place. Payton looked like she could read his mind. "And you are sure you don't wanna stay? You must be exhausted! Why would you wanna go ?" She looked suspiciously at him and lifted her eyebrow. "It was my fault. I better fix it too. That's why" he lied. He pulled down a gun from the shelf  "I need the last gun on me" Justin said. He went outside and thought to himself how lucky he was to get away with no questions about his little visit at Madison's. Dylan and Tyler were still sitting out there. "Where are you going?" Tyler asked and stood up. "Payment" Justin mumbled and passed the two guys. All he wanted now was to get away, so he did'nt even have time to be mad at Tyler. He gave not a single glance to Tyler or Dylan. He just walked. "Oh. Can i go with you?" Tyler said. "No!" Justin spat fast and walked a little faster. "oh ok" Tyler bumped down on the ground again. Dylan started laughing at him. "What?" Tyler complained and made a pouty face. "I just can't beliiieve you just asked if you could go WITH him.. BAHAHAH... Tyler! It is THE HUNCH! He always does things on his own. And especially not with you!" Dylan said. Tyler looked hurt. And then they were both quiet again.  
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