One Life,One Love & One Mistake...

Justin is sixteen and a normal school guy, who is trying to stay humble, but whatever he does it feels like he is chosen to be the one he is changing into. What if there is not even a single human in the world who can stop him from changing into this monster? All that Justin wants is to go back to the one he was, but something stops him, and people keep judging him. What is going on? It is driving him insane. The only thing that can help him, is to find out WHO is changing him, and WHO can take him back.

Follow Justin through his misery, and feel what he does to the deepest. This is a story about the way a normal kid can change into something terrible, just because his own body,brain and soul tells him to be something he is not.


1. Troublemaker.

  "I'm afraid of small rooms, so i could'nt have been there!" he spat and lifted himself up from the chair, but even before he got up, the police officer stopped him and pushed him down again. "Will you please SIT Mr. Bieber. We aren't done with you yet" he spat back at Justin. "Where were you last night?" he continued and let a glance at Justin who was sitting and breathing hysterically in anger. "I TOLD YOU, I WAS HOME. I WAS WITH MY BROTHER! JAXON!.. JAXON BIEBER!" he yelled and knocked his bare fists down in the table. The one police officer walks to the other and whispers. "We won't get more from him today.. take him back to his family. John..he is only sixteen. Let him go back. " John nodded and sighed  slowly. "Okay" he said and walked up to Justin. "Justin we can take you home now" he says and watched Justin stand up. "Oh, so NOW you can call me my firstname? Brilliant" he said and faked a smile before he passed hem both and walked out of the room. "JUSTIN! You can't leave alone!" John yelled and pulled Justin back in his shirt. "Awrr.. don't choke me." Justin sneered and slowed down a little. "see my t-shirt now!" he said and pointed at the T-shirt which was clearly not for use anymore.

 "I am sorry Biebs, i just can't believe you are here!" John spat when they got out of the building. "Can't believe WHAT? And YOU were supposed to be my bestest' uncle ever? Just leave me alone John!" he said and turned around so he faced John. Justin was clearly not as tall as John. Actually they looked pretty much like eachother, but John was WAY taller. "Look at you." John mumbles. "You are like i was in your age. 16 and on the flo!" he smiles a little like he is sorry for what he just said. "Shut up and let me go home. I don't want you in my life anymore!" Justin sneered and pushed John a little away from himself.  


- I am sorry that it is short. This is all i got for now :i i'll give you more tomorrow if you want me to. i'm sorry if it is rubbish. tbh i didn't really work through the text or anything. i just wrote it and posted it kind of incomplete. next time i'll try my best to make it better.YOLO

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