My Summer with One Direction!

This is a story about 2 normal teenage girls that get to spend the summer with their idols. Little did they know they would fall in love!


1. Meeting them

Characters:Lexy:Blonde straight haired girl with green eyes. Very shy. Her hair has some pink from where she dyed i and it goes below her shoulders. Her best friend is Kristen. She isn't the smartest person you'll ever meet.
Kristen:She has brown hair and it's naturally curl but she straightens it and it's a little below her shoulders. She has blue green eyes. She is insecure and if someone says something to her that she doesn't like shes not afraid to speak her mind. She is kind of smart and her best friend is Lexy.
Lexy and Kristen are best friends and have been since they were little. They live right across the rose from each other (walking distance). They ate basically sisters Kristen calls Lexys mom, mom. They like to ride their 4 wheelers. And they are big directioners but their not those girls that stalk them. Kristen's family is in Florida all summer with their family and Lexy is staying with her all summer. They are both 15. Authors note: sorry if this story is boring its my first one so please no hate!
Kpov (Kristen)
Lexy and I were riding our 4 wheelers at my house when this big black bus comes down my long gravel drive way.
Lpov (Lexy)
Kristen and I were riding when this black bus comes. I asked "Kristen, who is that?" She said "I don't know." They stopped down at her stable. So we rode down there and the door to the bus opened and out came...Niall Horan!
Npov (Niall)
We were on the bus in Tennessee because we are on vacation. We had no idea where we are going. We saw a long gravel road so we went down it and saw two girls riding 4 wheelers. I thought to myself that's my kinda girl. One girl has brown dark brown hair which was in a high pony tail to the right.
Zpov (Zayn)
We went down the road and these girls were there. The blonde girl is the one who caught my eye. She had her hair in a high pony tail to the left. We stopped the bus at a place below the house. They came down where we are. Niall got off the bus first then me then Harry, Louis then, Liam.
Npov (Niall)
We got off the bus and those girls came down. The girl with the brown hair was wearing a white tee shirt that had 1d quotes on it. She was wearing basketball shorts too. She looked kinda embarresed from her shirt. She was beautiful. I asked "how did you do that?" I felt so stupid to ask. She said "what? Stand up and ride that's easy!" Louis asked "what's your names?" The girl with the brown hair said "I'm Kristen and this is Lexy or as I call her sexy Lexy." Lexy hit Kristen on the arm and suddenly I got protective and said "Hey! Don't hit her!" I made Kristen blush by saying that. Liam said "Well I'm Liam this is Harry, Louis, Zayn and Niall.
Kpov (Kristen)
Today wasnt the best day to wear my one direction shirt. Lexy hit me because I called her sexy Lexy. (she hates it when people call her that) Niall told her not to hit me he is so sweet. I asked "anyway what are you guys doing here?" Niall said "we are on vacation and we got lost." Zayn asked if we are fans and Niall said "Zayn look at her shirt of course she is a fan."Zayn asked Lexy if she was she nodded because she was to nervous to say anything because she likes Zayn. Louis said "Please don't scream!" I said "you know something I didn't plan on screaming."
Lpov (Louis)
Kristen kept blushing after Niall said something about her so obviously she likes Niall so I said "Awww look our lil Niall makes Kristen blush." Niall elbowed me in the stomach. So I said while looking at Kristen "Our Nialler must like you from the way he's protective.That made Niall blush.
Npov (Niall)
I can't believe Louis just said that! After he said that Kristen just smiled and looked at her feet. It makes me nervous for some reason around her.
Lpov (Lexy)
I know Kristen likes Niall just as much as I like Zayn. I could feel Zayn looking at me I know he is
Liam asked "can we stay here with you girls?" So I looked at Kristen and nodded.
Kpov (Kristen)
I said "Sure I guess you can." Harry asked " Where is your family love?"
I said "In Florida with my sister her husband and niece all summer so Lexy is gonna stay with me."
Louis asked "how come you didn't go?" I said "Someone has to take care of all these animals." Harry asked immediately after I said that "DO YOU HAVE CATS?!?" I said "yes we do we have 5" he smiled. Louis said "So are we gonna stand here all day or go up to your house?" I said "come on let's go and you will have to keep your bus down here because it won't fit up there. The boys got their stuff off the bus and said ok meet you guys up there and turned on my 4 wheeler. Niall said "Do we really have to walk?" I said "come on lazy I'll give you a ride hop on and hold on!" he smiled and I said "Zayn, Lexy can give you a ride up." he said "ok" and got on Lexys 4 wheeler. We have to stand up and drive because they are sitting. Lexy and Zayn went first. I went with Niall and then at the last minute Harry jumped on the back with Louis and Liam jumped on the front they all had their bags. So i said "hold on" and Niall held on to my waist while I was driving which made my cheeks turn red. We got up to my house and everyone got off except for Niall he was still holding on to my waist. Louis said "Niall you can let go of her now.Niall blushed and let go and and he said "sorry" I said "it's ok,don't be sorry." I showed them around my house but before I let them in I said "it's not much" I opened the front door and went to the left and showed them the kitchen and I showed Niall all the food. His jaw dropped I showed them the dining room, the laundry room, and told them not to go into my parents room EVER! We went up the stairs and I stopped them at the top I said "Who wants to bunk with who?" Louis said "Harry" Harry nodded and said "Liam" I said "you 3 follow me" I showed them my sisters room and said "There is 2 beds you can fight over which one you want." Harry said "Kristen, what is this white animal that is licking me?" Lexy said "that's Miah her sisters dog she's harmless. Zayn said "She speaks!" I said "She is one of the loudest people I know!" they all gave me a confused look I whispered to Louis "Shes only being shy because of Zayn." He nodded and Zayn said "what did she say?" Louis whispered
It to Zayn then said "I'll tell you guys later." I said Zayn who do you want to bunk with and he said "Lexy" I said "Lexy are you okay with that?" She smiled and nodded. I said you guys can stay in my dads man cave. I said "Niall I guess that means youre bunking with me,if that's ok with you?" He said "Of course it's ok." and he smiled. He took his bags and I went to my door I said "Niall, don't laugh."
Npov (Niall)
Her house was amazing. It has tons of food which I love. I get to bunk with Kristen. I really like her and I want to get to know her, so I'm happy I get to bunk with her. Before we went in her room she told me not to laugh. Her room is light pink and light green and she has some pictures of her when she was little, I saw this one picture of her when she was little with this girl I guess it's her sister she was dressed as a pink cowgirl, her sister was a blue one. She was cute when she was little I mean she still is but now she's beautiful. I asked her "Why would I laugh?" She said "First my pictures of myself when I was little and second." She took my hand and showed me her posters of the lads and I. I said "I wouldn't laugh at that, it's cute. " she smiled and she...
Kpov (Kristen)
He said all the pictures of myself when I was little is cute. So I smiled and kissed him on the cheek.
Npov (Niall)
She kissed me! I can't believe it. So I decided to kiss her back.
Kpov (Kristen)
It looked like he was thinking about what had just happened. So I said "Niall I'm -----" I was cut off by his lips crashing on to mine. It sent fireworks through my body and butterflies in my stomach. I didn't think he liked me.
Lpov (Louis)
I went to see where everyone else was bunking. Harry and I won the rock paper scissors game over who gets the big bed. I learned that Zayn and Lexy were bunking together, so that leaves Niall and Kristen. I went to Kristen's room to find her and Niall kissing. So I said "Well look at the 2 lovebirds.
Zpov (Zayn)
I was in the room with Lexy and she wasn't saying anything so I asked her if she had any animals. She said "Yea, I have 3 different kinds, one is a cat that has many different names." I said "Harry is going to want to meet your cat." She said the second thing is she has some fish. I said "what's the third?" She said with a smile on her face "My little brother Mason!" we both laughed, after we were done laughing I said "Sexy Lexy I have to tell you something." She said "what is it?" I said "I really like you and I hope you feel the same and you shouldn't have to be shy around me." She said "Zayn I ----" I cut her off by snogging her. She said lets go and snoggged me. I smiled. She said "Zayn I like you too.
Npov (Niall)
I snogged Kristen, and of course Louis walks in! We stopped and Lou noticed a picture on Kristen's wall. Louis said "Who is this old man with this adorable baby and here he is again with a different baby. All of a sudden Kristen sits down on her bed puts her face in her hands and starts crying. Lexy ran in here and sat next to Kristen trying to comfort her. I sat next to Kristen with Lexy. Lexy said "What did you guys say to her!?!" Louis said "All I said was who was the old man in the pictures.
Lpov (Lexy)
I ran into Kristen's room as fast as I could not caring who I hit, I heard her crying. I asked Louis what he said to her. He said "Alls I said was who is the old man in those pictures." I said "Which pictures?" Louis pointed at the ones with Kristen's grandpa. I hit Louis over the head. He asked why I hit him. I said "Thats Kristen when she was a baby with her grandpa and her niece with her grandpa." I hit him again, he asked what that was for. I said "That's for being a stupid Louis." Her grandpa died 3 days ago.
Npov (Niall)
I said "Louis you moron!" Kristen said "It's ok he didn't know." I wipes her tears away with my thumb.
Kpov (Kristen)
I felt like an idiot crying in front of them but I couldn't hold it in. Niall wiped my tears away with his thumb. Liam and Harry jumped in my room saying "MOVIE TIME!" Niall said "Not the best time." I said that it's ok and I asked them what movie they want to watch. I showed them where we keep the movies and Harry gave me 2 the first one was final destination 2 and the second one was one direction up all night the live tour. Harry said none of them have seen them so we watched final destination 2 first. Louis Niall and I sat on the couch I sat in the middle with Niall to my right and Louis to my left. Harry and Liam both tried to fit in one chair but in the end Liam won. Zayn let Lexy have the last chair and he sat in between her legs on the ground. I had my head on Nialls shoulder and he had his arm around me. I fell asleep and when Niall got scared he would jump and I woke up. It was around 1:00 am. I put the up all night live tour in. Lexy and I have seen it a million times so I got on my phone and Lexy got on her iPod. We were talking to each other on that kik app.
L:what's up
K:you know sitting here trying not to freeze because they turned on the fan
L:yea picture message (Picture of Kristen and Niall)
K:that's nice
L:yea I know
K:yupp :P
L:did you know Niall is reading these messages, HEY NIALL! * Niall waves at Lexy*
K:OMD he is!
L:I'm gonna get on Facebook
K:ok I'm getting on twitter
-----------END CONVERSATION--------------------
Npov (Niall)
I said "Are you cold?" she said "yea kind of" I said "Kristen your shivering."
Kpov (Kristen)
Niall put a blanket around us. Niall said "I just remembered I talked to you on that kik app." I said "oh yea you asked me if I had a nice shower." He said "yup." I turned to Louis and said "I remember you asking something bout toes. Louis smiled. After a while I fell asleep with my head on Nialls lap and my legs on Louis. ----Authors note sorry if it's bad please no hate.
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