It's Gotta Be You

A girl called Alex notices how much she has fallen for Harry not 'Harry Styles of 1D' but Harry, and it is her cousin Louis she owes it to! As she meets up with Louis Harry and herself immediately seem to like each other but Zayn and Niall also seem to have feelings for the beautiful Alexandra (shortened to Alex) but who does Alex actually fall in love with? Or does she stay with the gorgeous curly haired boy.


2. Plans for today

"so how about you come meet the lads today?, I'm sure they'd love to meet my amazing cousin" Louis chirped, obviously hoping I'd say yes.
"um I don't know Louis" I stuttered. He let out a sigh and pouted.
"you'll love them c'mon!!" he pleeded. I gave in this better be fun.

I went upstairs to get dressed, I picked out a simple but pretty outfit: my blue skinny jeans and a pink and green hollister top and a pair of pink vans.I looked in the mirror and started to work on my appearance, hey I was meeting 5 stunning boys today! I had to look my best, I pulled my dirty blond straight hair to the side and brushed it softly, I applied mascara onto my long thick lashes and lipgloss on my newly brushed teeth.
After I was pleased with the way I looked, I made my way to the the door.

I rushed down the spiral staircase into the big, beautiful sitting room at the bottom of the stairs. Louis was sitting on the white, leather couch tapping his foot on the light brown wooden floors impatiently.
"Finally!!" he exclaimed throwing his hands in the air!
"sorry.." I said sheepishly with a wry smile.
"c'mon the boys are waiting in the hotel"
"oh okay" I said slightly embarrassed, I wondered what the boys impressions would be of me and if they liked me or not?..

"MUM ME AND LOUIS ARE AWAY OUT,LOVE YOU" I screamed so I'd be heard through the massive house walls. Louis grabbed my hand and took me to the car outiside, louis car was very flamboyant, I loved it. He rolled down the windows which let in the summer breeze of London, surprisingly warm for London. Louis nudged me pulling me out of my daydream, "what?" I laughed letting a chuckle escape from my lips. "were here.." Louis said leading off. "oh sorry.."my cheeks went pink, Louis always embarrassed me, we've been bestfriends since we were like 6 and he always had that affect on me. I hated him for that, but the same time loved him for everything else he is.
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