It's Gotta Be You

A girl called Alex notices how much she has fallen for Harry not 'Harry Styles of 1D' but Harry, and it is her cousin Louis she owes it to! As she meets up with Louis Harry and herself immediately seem to like each other but Zayn and Niall also seem to have feelings for the beautiful Alexandra (shortened to Alex) but who does Alex actually fall in love with? Or does she stay with the gorgeous curly haired boy.


3. meeting everyone

Louis chapped excitedly on the hotel door "GUYS ALEX IS HERE" i heard a few swear words behind the door, i startedo get embarrassed "jeez you havent even met them and youre already embarrassed?" they finally opened the door breaking the awkward silence..

Harry's POV

i had to hide behind the wall when louis walked in i was only in my Calvin Klein boxers! but his She is perfect, i couldnt stop staring. i had to pull my eyes away from her. I could even see her cheeks go a slight pink! i got broken out of my dream by Louis shouting at me to put clothes on. "oh shit" i mumbled "sorry.....Alex?" i wasn't sure if it was her but she spoke back to me, " it is" her voice was beautiful. Her white straight teeth letting all her words out. "im Harry" i smiled. She wouldnt make eye contact with me because i was practically half naked. This made me laugh, "nice to meet you" i started to walk out the room "you too" i heard behind me.


Alex's POV

oh my fecking god. Why is he so beautiful!!! im dying. I met all the the other boys aswell as Harry. Niall the blonde cute one, Liam the mature adorable one and Zayn the beautiful mysterious one who only gave me a "hi love" Niall bear hugged me a huge long hug, i wasnt feeling uncomfortable but Louis was i saw him glare at Niall. He backed off as soon as that happened not wanting anything to happen. I hit Louis hard on the stomach with me elbow "OWH" he screamed so loud all the other boys got alarmed. "woops hehe" i said with sarcasm. I hugged all the other boys never feeling so welcome ever! All apart from Zayn he hated me...i dont know why but he didnt even stay in the same room as me.


Louis POV

if any of them dare to try and do anything with Alex i will literally stab them in the back.


Alex's POV

"Lets watch a movie guys!" Louis mentioned into the silence. "TOY STORY" liam screamed "we watched that last night and the night before" zayn mumbled. Harry then strolled out "im up for Toy Story" his voice made me crumble, his dark curly hair and amazing green eyes. He caught my stare and gave me a quick wink MY FECKING GOD I CAN NOT LIVE i was screaming inside my head but not speaking aloud that would be too embarrassing. "YAY HARRY I LOVE YOU MAN" Liam was overly happy about this. "whatever Alex wants" Louis reminded them. "no dont be silly, you all can pick" i said sheepishly "ill watch whatever Alex wants" harry said sitting heavily down beside me. Louis got up, oh no i thought "going to the toilet guys" i sighed with relief, hopefully he wasnt mad.

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