It's Gotta Be You

A girl called Alex notices how much she has fallen for Harry not 'Harry Styles of 1D' but Harry, and it is her cousin Louis she owes it to! As she meets up with Louis Harry and herself immediately seem to like each other but Zayn and Niall also seem to have feelings for the beautiful Alexandra (shortened to Alex) but who does Alex actually fall in love with? Or does she stay with the gorgeous curly haired boy.


4. Falling in Love

ive been sitting with Harry for what seemed like for ages, i was really beginning to like him alot. I even ended up lying on his chest, we whispered to each other and spoke about everything, i saw the daggers Louis was sending us but i completley ignored him. I even ended up falling asleep on him!! i fell asleep on Harry Styles oh my god, i didnt expect him to be so nice, i thought he was going to be a stuck up celebrity like everyone else..everything was blank after that, i was out.


Harry's POV

i watched her sleep on me, she was so cute. i played with her hair and twidled it through and through my fingers "Harry mate what are you doing?" Liam whispered over to me, "what?" i asked puzzled, "why you doing this to Louis? hes really mad at you" this got me annoyed! cant he tell that really like her? i love louis like a brother and seeing him hurt hurts me! why would he even think that i would hurt his family? doesnt he trust me? i asked these questions over and over again in my head "i really like her Liam" a huge snore coming from the other side of the room gave both me and Liam a huge fright, i even jumped. All i saw was Niall slabbering all over the arm of the couch, snoring very very loud. "Jesus Niall!!" liam just shook his head, i wasnt sure if it was for me or Niall"


Alex's POV

i woke up in Harrys arms, it felt amazing. He was so cute when he was sleeping! i quickly slipped out of my arms into the kitchen to make me food, man i was hungry. Louis was standing there looking over the counter. i snuck up behind him and hugged him "good morning to my favourite cousin! (apart from lottie obviously)" i laughed at myself he wasnt amused at all though "have..i-i did something wrong?" i was really confused " what do you think youre doing with Harry!!" he practically shouted at me. i got really scared, hes never shouted at me this much before i was so close to tears. i know he noticed because he said sorry after that " oh em im sorry Alex its just..hes my best mate...and i dont want you getting hurt..." he said sounding very apologetic, i forgave him after that straight away " really sorry...i really like Harry though more than ive ever liked someone"


Harrys POV

i heard shouting from the kitchen, i got up sleepily and listened in. I heard Louis saying my name and that i will hurt her. What is he even talking about!!! i stopped my anger when i heard Alex speak. She said she really liked me, a huge grin spread right across my face. The girl i really really liked likes me back!! The best feeling ever!! i gave a wee dance move at the end aswell.


Alex's POV

i was so close to tears when i heard someone outside banging about. It interrupted mine and Louis' conversation. It was Harry, oh my god hes been listening in to all of that! he knows i really like him!! what if he doesnt like me back? ill sound like a complete saddo. "umm im sorry" harry apologised sincerely. Louis just smiled at him, he wasnt annoyed!! "ehh Alex i like you alot aswell" he blushed when he said this, so did i to be honest

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