It's Gotta Be You

A girl called Alex notices how much she has fallen for Harry not 'Harry Styles of 1D' but Harry, and it is her cousin Louis she owes it to! As she meets up with Louis Harry and herself immediately seem to like each other but Zayn and Niall also seem to have feelings for the beautiful Alexandra (shortened to Alex) but who does Alex actually fall in love with? Or does she stay with the gorgeous curly haired boy.


1. Annoying Cousin


I was woken by my mothers threats, it was 12:30 I groaned an tried to shake it off.
"ALEEEEX" I hear my mother wail.

I massaged the back of my neck feeling the tiredness cling to me, I got up quickly and threw one of my dads old t-shirt over my underwear I slept in. I looked in the mirror I look acceptable, I strolled downstairs rubbing my tired eyes, I was suddenly jumped by my bear like cousin. I should not be annoyed at this time in the morning, Louis always knew house to annoy me
"Louis get off my right now!!!" I screamed. I heard my mother chuckle and I sent her death glares, why did I even agree to let him stay here!.
"NEVER!!" screamed Louis playfully, he let out a hard laugh and gripped on tighter. Oh my god he was heavy, I felt my feet give way and we were both of the floor playfully wrestling each other.
"oh how I haven't missed you, dear cousin" I said with slight annoyed tone
"I love you too,Alex" he laughed. He rolled off of me and stood up
"so our plans for today Alex!" he exclaimed excitedly, I rolled my eyes still tired.
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