Summer Of Love...

Amelia and her best friend Allisson were going down to London to spend the summer with Amelia's dad. They had the first 2 weeks to spend by themselves and while her father was out on business. Their whole world is turned upside down when there is heartbreaking and love going on with One Direction...<3


2. Your One Direction?!

Amy's POV
I sat there, looking at each of their faces. Listening to their voices. When this girl and her dad come up to us.
"Can I please have a picture?" she asked
They all replied with a yes and i was totally confused. Then i thought about it. I kept thinking. Omg. They are One Direction. I wasnt exactly their biggest fan. Their music was okay, i guess. But Allie is a huge fan.
"Your One Direction?" i asked after the girl had gone.
"Yes we are" Louis replied with a cheeky grin on his face.
"I want to go back home and get changed," i said sounding like a child
"Okay lads lets go then," said Zayn going of to pay.
-Parking outside my house-
"Oh shoot! How'd they find us?!" Harry asked sounding pissed off
"Who?" i asked
"The paps" He replied
Zayn turned to me and asked "I know its too much but could we stay a while until the paps go?"
I stared into those deep chocolate eyes.
"Sure, of course," i said leading them in quickly.
When we got inside the boys made themselves at home. I ran upstairs to call Allie. She ran downstairs as she heard the news. Niall made room for her next to him.
"You guys dont mind if i quickly have a shower right?" i asked they all said they'll be fine so i hheaded up for a shower. I came out and changed into some shorts and a short top which didnt cover my belly. I ran downstairs and ordered a pizza for me and Allie as we didnt have our dinner. We all sat down and watched Paranormal activity 2 after eating. As we were watching the movie i felt myself get closer to Zayn every time. I hid my face in his chest as he wrapped his arm around me. It felt so right. Even though i knew him for 2 hours. After the movie Zayn got up to look out te window. There were two cars still left.
Zayn turned to me and asked me if it wasnt too much for them to stay the night. I said they can. They all slept on the sofa's that night and me and Allie headed up to bed.

Zayn's POV

Amy was just so gorgeous. She was kind and caring too. I felt some competition as Harry kept staring at up through out the movie. It felt so right. But i didnt want to rush into things. I'll ask her out tomorrow.

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