Summer Of Love...

Amelia and her best friend Allisson were going down to London to spend the summer with Amelia's dad. They had the first 2 weeks to spend by themselves and while her father was out on business. Their whole world is turned upside down when there is heartbreaking and love going on with One Direction...<3


3. Morning!

Amy's POV
I woke up at around 8am. I stumbled out of bed and made my way downstairs. I instantly saw 5 boys up and awake on my sofa, watching tv. I walked in and they all turned to me shouting out "Morning!" Harry patted a space next to him so i went over there. He just placed his arm around me. What was he doing? I dont know why but it turned me on. His skin touched my back and i felt a tingle inside. Kinda like with Zayn, but it was more with Zayn. About 10 minutes later Allie came down, rubbing her eyes.
"Finally Allisson!!" I said giggling and walking towards her.
"Why are One Direction in your house? Oh My Fish! One Direction are in your house?! How?!" she yelled obviously thinking last night was a dream. All of them just laughed and i just shook my head. She went and sat next to Niall.
"Who wants some breakfast?" i asked, they all yelled "Yes please!" so i put on loads of eggs and some toast and started my cooking. As i plated up they all made their way to the dinning table. We all sat down and started our own convosations. Liam, Niall and Allie started talking and then Louis and Harry engaged in their own convo. I was sitting next Zayn so i guess we started talking.
"How long do you guys want to stay here?" i asked Zayn
"Errm im not sure really. We'll have to wait for Paul to ring us,"
"Ohh okay. Anyway your welcome to stay here as long as you want," i replied sending him a my best smile. He just smile back and carried on eating.

Zayn's POV

Im such an idiot. Why dont i talk to her?

Harry's POV

Zayn liked Amy. It was obvious. I glanced over them from behind Louis. Louis just wouldnt shut up! I guess i liked Amy too. The contest was on.

Amy's POV

As we all finished Zayn walked to the window.
"One car," he said frowning. Why was he frowning? Wouldnt he want to go?
"Oh guys, err Paul just texted me. He's coming outside at 9:30am," he said looking at us all. "Lets help tidy up lads and we'll start leaving," he added goving me a smile. They all picked up their plates and washed their own, including drying and putting away. by then it was 9:30am and Paul was outside. Each of the boys gave us hugs and as they were going to walk out Zayn turned around
"So Amy, I wanted to err thank you for letting us stay. So err as a thank you do you want to go to dinner with me tonight?" he asked looking up at me.
"Allie let us stay here too," interuppted Harry. He did have a point. "How About we all go iut to dinner tonight? I'll text you the deets," he added glaring at Zayn and walking out. Zayn let out a little sigh an i just giggled.
"Cant wait for tonight," i giggled into Zayn's ear. He turned around and sent me a loving smile before walking out.
"How about we go out today? Yano, buy a new outfit?" Allie asked.
"Oh Allisson, you took the words right out my mouth," i laughed.
We ran upstairs and got ready.
We went to Westfield, going into different shops. We then got hungry after a while and went to Nando's since we never actually ate there yesterday. We sat down and wasted alot of
Time eating. By the time we came out it was 3pm. We finally found the perfect dresses. I picked out a white dress, covering half my thighs. Allie picked out a Blue maxi dress. The white dress had white shiny sequins covering the top half. It was perfect.
As we walked out i checked my phone. Harry texted me 5 mins ago saying "We'll pick you up at 8:) cant wait x" i told Allie and we both made our way home. We got home around 7ish.
"Oh Gosh! We only have an hour!!" i yelled running upstairs.
We both came down around 8pm. We sat and waited and finally Harry came to the door. He was wearing a suit.
"You look... Amazing," he said his mouth dropping.
"Thanks, not too bad yourself," i laughed.
We all walked out to the car and drove to the restaurant.

-in the restaurant-

I went and sat next to Zayn. It was fun we all kept laughing and talking. We were friends.

"Zayn's going to drop you guys off okay?" Harry said to me and Allie
"Kay" we replied.
-in the car-
It wasnt awkward. It was fine. We talked a lot and laughed. Had fun. It was around 11pm. We came in i threw myself on the couch and Allie went upto bed. The door rang. It was Zayn. He stood there and said.
"We have a problem,"
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