Summer Of Love...

Amelia and her best friend Allisson were going down to London to spend the summer with Amelia's dad. They had the first 2 weeks to spend by themselves and while her father was out on business. Their whole world is turned upside down when there is heartbreaking and love going on with One Direction...<3


4. Maybe I Love Him...?

Amy's POV

"What do you mean?" i asked, confused.
"My car broke down and its too late for the boys to pick me up," he said.
"Well you can stay here tonight," i said sending him a smile
"Thanks Amy, you dont know how grateful i am," he said smiling back.
He made his way inside and said he would like to sleep. He asked for blankets to sleep on the sofa.
"Dont worry Zayn. You can sleep on my bed with me. I shared a bed sometimes with my best boy friend back home," i laughed.
"Are you sure?" he asked.
"Yes im sure! Im gonna have a shower, then join you" i said, both making our way upstairs.
I gave him some tracksuit pants and told him to change in the bathroom across the hall.
"Sorry i dont have a top," i giggled.
"Its okay, i'll sleep in this,"
I smiled and went into the bathroom.
I had a nice shower and came out. I left my clothes in my room. Oh gosh!
"Zayn?" I asked.
"I left my clothes in the room, turn around for me please,"
I opened the door and ran for the clothes. I grabbed them and ran back inside.
"Thanks!" i yelled, close one.
As i was changing i yelled out
"Er Zayn!"
"That top looks a bit uncomfortable, you can take it off. I dont mind," i said
As i walked out we went to the bathroom. I lay down waiting for him.

Zayn's POV

So Amy asked me to stay in her bed and take of my shirt. Wow! Anyway as i walked out of the bathroom topless about to turn into Amy's room i saw a shocked looking Allie staring.
"It's not what it looks like!" i yelled.
"Why? There's nothing wrong with my Amy," she replied snickering
I gave her a confused look and all she said was "Im kidding Zayn, im kidding," she laughed and walked into her room. I walked in and saw Amy on her phone. I went and lay next to her.
"Good night Zayn," she said putting her head near my chest.
"Good night Amy," i replied placing my hand on her waist.
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