Washed Up

"Harry, Harry!" Louis called. There was no answer.
"Harry please, come back," he cried. The water was coming over him. He didn't care. He needed to find Harry. The salt water got into his eyes. He couldn't see.
"Harry c'mon, where are you?" he yelled hoping for an answer.
But there was no answer.
The boys go to the beach for a nice day out. But when Harry finds himself in trouble, will the paramedics save him in time? A LarryStylinson fanfic.


1. Day out

"C'mon guys hurry up," Liam called waiting at the door.
"Hang on Liam, I'm trying to find them!" Harry yelled back.
"Zayn and Niall are in the car waiting, hurry up."
Louis took his beach bag and strode to the door. He smiled at Liam. Liam looked at Louis confused.
"What are you so happy about?" he asked.
"What isn't there to be happy about?" Louis replied.
Liam grinned and shook his head as Louis walked out of his and Harry's apartment into the car. Harry finally came out of his room shirtless with his boxers on and flip flops. He had a towel in his hand and he smiled at Liam.
"Seriously, what is up with you and Louis?" Liam asked.
Harry just smiled and strode out the door into the car. Liam grinned and followed. He opened up the door and so did Harry. All the boys were sitting facing each other, and Paul was in the front driving.
"Ready boys?" Zayn asked. Everyone smiled and nodded. Except Niall.
"What's wrong Niall?" Zayn asked.
"There was hardly any food left in the kitchen this morning. Nothing. I'm so hungry..." he said and looked down at his stomach. All the boys just smiled at him.
"Anyway," Louis started, "Anything happen since last night lads?"
The concert last night had gotten way to far. Liam still had a bit of a headache from the girl who followed him home. Zayn had bruises from the girls trying to get a hold of him. The boys started imitating each of the fan girls.
"Louis, I got you a carrot!"
"Liam, Liam, how's your turtles?"
"Niall, I got you a sandwich!"
"Zayn, let's break tables together!"
"Harry, Harry, give me some of your gravy!"
The boys roared with laughter and Paul stopped the car.
"Okay boys, we're here."
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