The Roller Coaster That is Life


1. Chapter 1


 "You mean that you won't come on with me?" I ask your best boy friend since forever. "Well, I, umm, just ate." He is such a scardey cat sometimes. "Whatever. I'll just sit next to some stranger and scream in their ears." I tell Jason. We both are at one of the biggest theme parks in Britain. I love massive roller-coasters, but when I am on one, I can't help but to scream. "That's fine with me. At least I won't have my eardrums burst. Again." Jason tells me. I walk up and up and up, until I reach the entrance of the ride. "Pl-crrkk take your crrkk." The megaphone above me screeches out. I take my seat, waiting for someone to sit next to me. "Hi, have you been on this ride before?" A boy who sits next to me says. He has shortish brown hair and dreamy brown eyes. He looks about my age. "Hello?" I snap out of my daydream and notice that I was staring right at the boy. I blush and answer him. "Uhh, yeah, I haven't been on this ride before." "It's a pretty cool ride if you ask me." He's so dreamy. And I swear I've seen him before. "I really sorry in advance for damaging your eardrums." I quickly say before the ride starts really fast with a jolt. This must be the biggest ride I've ever gone on, so I am feeling kind of terrified. I cover my face my hands and scream. "Are you okay?" The boy next to me yells. "Not really, normally I don't get this bad on rides." This must be the highest and fastest ride I have ever been on. "I love your honesty. I would never expected someone to actually say they were scared." I grin but on the inside, I am completely scared.  

When I get off the ride, me and the boy talk. "Let me introduce myself. My name is Liam." Liam and I talk for about 5 minutes, when I remember Jason was waiting for me.

"I have to go. My friend will be wondering where I am" "Oh, I need to meet up with my friend too. Hey, would you like to walk around with us? I could have a rollercoaster buddy too... The rest of the boys are too scared to go on any rides with me." I agree and we go meet Jason first. "Liam, this is Jason. Vice versa." I introduce them. They shake hands and talk for a minute. I interrupt them and ask Liam about his friends. "Oh yeah, knowing them, they have split. Let's go to the food court to see if they are there."

"Hey Vanessa, are you and Jason.., together?" Liam asks, a bit shy. "Oh no, we're just really good friends. I think we've known each other since we were... " I look up at Jason and ask him, "6?" He nods. "That's quite a while." Liam states as the obvious. "Wait, I think I can see Niall and Zayn." Liam points to two boys in the food court, one with blond hair, and the other with almost black hair.

The 3 of us walk over to where the boys are eating. "Look, Liam didn't die on the rollercoaster Zayn." Niall? said pointing at Liam"You owe me 30 pounds. Wait, who's this?" "This is Vanessa and her friend Jason. We met on the Whirlwind." Liam tells the boys. "And where are Louis and Harry? You know it is dangerous to let them go off by them selves." The 5 of us start searching for the lost boys. "So she doesn't kn-" Zayn starts. Liam interrupts, "Shut it Zayn."

I try not to think about what Zayn means but, it just keeps coming to mind. As we were looking for the two missing boys, Jason gets a text. "Vanessa, we need to go. Sorry guys. Mum said I need to get home, she got a call from work and I need to look after the girls." I look over at Liam a little sad that I have to go, and he speaks up. "I could take you home when we are finished if you want Vanessa." I feel myself smiling and try to look away from Liam. "Bye Vanessa, see you soon." I reach out and Jason and I do our secret handshake we made up at yr 3 summer camp.

About 10 minutes later, we find Louis and Harry in the ball pit throwing the plastic balls at each others heads. They see us and dive underneath all the balls. "How old are they meant to be?" I ask anyone listening. "Harry is 18 and Louis is 20." Niall tells me, leaving me surprised. "I would never have guessed that old..." 

"HARRY. LOUIS. GET OUT HERE. AND DON'T TRY TO HIDE. WE CAN SEE YOU." Liam yells through the entrance to the ball pit. Harry and Louis walk out with their heads down, smirking. "Who picked up the hottie?" Harry asks, looking at me, then Liam, Zayn and Niall. "Liam." Both Zayn and Niall say at once. "Liam? But.. Liam?" Louis stutters out. "Shut up Louis." Liam says as he rolls his eyes.

"C'mon Liam, I want to go on that ride" I say, breaking the tension. I rush over to Liam, taking his hand and pulling him to one of the big rollercoasters. He then catches up, and when I go to release my hand, he grabs on tighter. He then pulls away. "I'm sorry." "I don't mind" I smile at him. "Really?" Liam starts to whisper. "Of course not." Liam stops and asks me something completely off topic. "Do you know who I am?" he says, but not in a rude way. "No? I know that your name is Liam Payne and you have 4 very cool friends, but that is about it." I tell him, confused. "Wow" "Why wow? And let's go, I want to go on the Tyrannosaurus Plex."

After the ride (which was awesome!) we meet up with the rest of the boys and go to the zoo, which is on the other side of the theme park. As we walk past the elephant enclosure, I look back to see what the boys doing. They are obviously whispering to each other. I turn back and face forwards, looking at the animals in front of me. I turn back to look at the boys. "Are you paranoid or something?" Liam asks me. I stop dead in my tracks and Niall bumps into me. "We are missing two boys."

Liam's POV

"We are missing two boys." I hear Vanessa state, right after Niall stepped back. Shit. I was meant to look after those two closely. I have no idea what to do now. I would be okay if I lost them in the theme park, but in a zoo? For all I know, they could be devoured by a tiger or lion by now. I take a deep breath and put my game face on.

I take us four over to a table and sort out a plan. I set down a map I picked up at the entrance and lay it across the table. "Okay, Zayn and Niall, you search over here." I tell them pointing at one of the 'sectors'. "Vanessa and I are going to search over here. If you don't find either of them in 20 minutes, split up again." I need to get this under control. "Oooo. How come Liam's going with Vanessa?" Zayn asks. "Well maybe I don't really know either of you and I kind of know Liam?" Very good comeback Vanessa.

20 minutes later

"I still haven't received a phone call or text from any of the boys, so we will have to split. I'll just call Niall and Zayn." I say, worried. I call Niall and he picks up immediately. "You'll have to split up now." Okay, that just made it sound like they are in a relationship. "Yes mum." Niall says sarcastically.

"Okay Vanessa, here are our phone numbers, just in case you get lost. And here are Louis and Harry's numbers. They might pick up if you call and beg... Wait, try that now."

Vanessa's POV

I call Louis's number as do not want to call the flirty boy right now. "'Ello? Who is this?" I hear Louis say through the phone. "I-I-it's Vanessa." I cry out, as if I was actually upset. I look over at Liam and he gives me a smile, so I smile back. "Vanessa... Do I know a Vanessa?" You have got to be kidding me. I'm pretty sure he knows my name. "Wait, you're Liam's 'friend'!" "Yeah. I got lost in the zoo..." I say, still pretending to cry. "Aww. Come meet me and Harry at the cafe near the ice cream shop in the theme park. Do you know where that is?" "Yeah. See you in a minute."

I hang up and look over at Liam. "WE DID IT!" I scream while jumping into his arms. I step back and pretend to brush myself off. "Im sorry... I was kind of happy." "It's okay. Now I'll call Niall and Zayn and tell them to meet us... Where are the boys?" Liam asks. "In one of the theme park cafes'." "So I'll tell them to meet us at the gate between these two places." I nod.


Found them. We met back with Niall and Zayn and went in search of the mischievous makers. I point Harry and Louis out to the three boys behind me. I slowly walk up to Harry and Louis as if I was sad. I am just bait so that the other three can sneak behind them and grab them. "Vanessa! How you feeling?" Harry asks, winking at me. I roll my eyes and turn my gaze to Louis. "A bit better."

"GOTCHA" Liam, Zayn and Niall scream into Harry and Louis's ears. Their faces were priceless. "Holy sh- crap." Harry yells, trying to avoid curse words. "How did you find us? We had this thought out so well. And it only took you half an hour!" Liam walks from behind Harry and stands next to me. "Show them Vanessa." I'm guessing he wants me to show how we tricked them. "I got lost in the zoo..." I show them, with a bit of fake crying. "So you mean..." Harry starts. "I wasn't lost at all. To be honest, Liam was right next to me the whole time."


"Where do you live?" Louis asks from the drivers seat. "363 Mapleberry Drive." "Oh, so you live in an apartment?" I am asked by all the boys at once. "How'd you know?" It's like they know London like they know their fingernails. "Well, for one, everyone knows that Mapleberry is full of apartment blocks. And two, our flats are on the street opposite." Zayn tells me.


"Here we are Vanessa, your apartment block. You don't live alone do you?" Liam asks. "Of course not. I live with my friend. But she is out of town with her boyfriend for a few days. So my little sister is staying with me." I say, scared that if Harry meets her, he will start hitting on her. 

"Can we see your place?" One of them asks.


I pull out the pass to my apartment and swipe it. I walk in and the boys jaws drop almost to the floor. "Close your mouths. You'll catch flies. Sasha! I'M BACK. And I have company." "I'll be down in a sec 'Ness." I hear Sasha yell from upstairs. "How many rooms do you have?" Harry asks, surprised at how I live. About 4 bedrooms with en-suites and," I point to the opposite of the stairs. "6 guest rooms."

"You live in luxury. Literally." Liam says, looking around and checking the place out. I then notice we were still standing at the door way and ask them if they want to sit. "How old is your sister?" Harry asks. "She turned 18 a few months ago. And I turn 19 soon." Sasha walks in and notices the boys sitting on the couch. "'Ness, how do you pick up 5 guys in one day at a theme park? Lemme refrase that. How did YOU pick up 5 EXTREMELY HOT guys in one day?" She took it better than expected. "Long story Sash. I'll tell you later." I look over at Liam and he smiles.

"Are you guys staying? And if so, what are you going to do?" They might be a handful.

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