Up All Night

Kati Jay is the "Queen Bee" of her primary school in London. After discovering her boyfriend of 11 months cheated on her with her best friend, Kati vows to never love again. But that might change she meets a cute Irish boy, Niall, who won't take No as as an answer and becomes the last person to believe in her. And she finds herself doing things she never thought she would like letting loose, revealing secret pasts, and maybe even falling for someone.


2. You've got to be freaking kidding me.

Kati's P O V

The next day one of my minions, Haylee, suprises us with Six Flags tickets. I've gotta say, for a minion. That was pretty sweet. So we all head there for the day.  After riding 2 rollercoasters, doing bumpercars, me and Vivian doing the giant swing thing, and 2 cotton candies later, Genivieve stops in her tracks. "Oh my god Kati we should do that!" Genivieve points to the tallest rollercoaster. I'm always up for adventures. I smile. "Well girls, as all hipsters say, YOLO!" They laugh and we head over. It took us about 20 minutes to get to the front of the line but now here we are. I'm really nervous but excited also. Vivian interrupts my thoughts. "Kati, little problem. One of us is going to have to ride alone. It's 2 per cart, and there is 7 of us.." The girls all look at me. Ugh, I use them all anyways, why pretend? "I'll go alone," I say. We all split up but agree to meet at the exit. A girl next to me in line keeps slurping up her own spit. Talk about disgusting. "Shut up!" I say. She stops then looks away.When the cart pulls up, I hop in on the left side then put the thing on my waist. I look over to see...the boy from the mall? Seriously? He turns then looks at me and his mouth drops too.

Niall's P O V Heck yes I love rollercoasters! I'm in line behind a girl who just told the one girl to the left to shut up because of her annoying slurping. I giggle to myself, that was kinda funny. I'm not paying attention to the girl in front of me but myself. I hop in the rollercoaster cart and strap myself in. I feel like someone's watching me, then I glance over and my mouth drops, it's the beauty from the mall! She shakes her head then looks forward. C'mon Niall, this is your chance! "Hey, I'm Niall," I say. Her eyes shift to my side, and while she is still looking forward she answers.  "Kati." "Have you been on rollercoasters before?" "Duh." "Right," she sneaks peeks at me here and there, and then finally we start going.

Kati's P O V I cannot believe it's him. Whatever, this will be over in about 30 seconds. We start going up. I look at Niall. He's already looking at me so I turn away quick. Aaaawkward!I I hear a weird metal-scraping noise, then we stop. Hm..must be some kind of suspense part of this ride. I then realize we've been here for too long, and I here people wondering aloud also. Oh god, please no, don't tell me we're stuck or something. I look down. We're only about 60 ft above ground. I turn to Niall. "I think we're stuck," He tenses. "Damn." "Yeah." I say.  "Tell me about you." Niall says. I turn to him. "What?" Niall shrugs. "Well you never know how long we'll be up here so why not?" I look up at the sky. "Okay...well." I begin to tell Niall little things about me. I go to Xavier Day Primary school, I've lived in London all my life, I have 6 friends (minions hehe), I live with my mum, I have no siblings, stuff like that. He then goes on to tell things about him. He's lived in Ireland all his life but just recently moved here with his lads. Hmm...I knew that wasn't a british accent he had...it was an irish one. I liked his voice. After about 10 minutes and knowing most of each other's life story (I left out a few parts-mostly the cheating thing. I vowed to never think of it again or reveal it) Niall looks into my eyes.  "Kati...I know we like, just met, but I feel like I've known you forever." "Woah there. I'm glad I met you too...but I um..just got out of ...um..bad relationship and I'm not looking for love right now really..." I mumble. Niall chuckles. "Who said anything about love?" I widen my eyes and look at him with a smile. Niall smiels back. "Friends?" Well maybe I can let that slide. I take his hand and shake it.  "....Friends."  

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