Up All Night

Kati Jay is the "Queen Bee" of her primary school in London. After discovering her boyfriend of 11 months cheated on her with her best friend, Kati vows to never love again. But that might change she meets a cute Irish boy, Niall, who won't take No as as an answer and becomes the last person to believe in her. And she finds herself doing things she never thought she would like letting loose, revealing secret pasts, and maybe even falling for someone.


6. What hurts the most.

I check Niall's twitter and find out he's in the recording studio. I don't care. How could he lie and keep from me the BIGGEST thing in his life?  I pay the taxi cab then hop out.  After 15 minutes, I finally found my way to where he was recording. I can see him with his lads and they are all singing. I stand outside the room watching them with my arms crossed. Niall doesn't notice me. Good, I want this to be a surprise.  The first to come out is Harry. "Hi!" he says. "Do I know you?"  I blush. "I don't know. Has Niall ever mentioned a Kati..?" "Oh yeah you're his girlfriend!" "Right..." "Well it's nice to meet you!" He hugs me. "Now I'm the only single!" He laughs then walks off. Then Niall. He comes out and when he sees me his face falls. "Kati..?" I turn around and start to walk away. Why did I even come here? "Kati wait!" He spun me around. "Niall! Why didn't you tell me this! You hid the BIGGEST thing in your life from me! Why?!" Tears to form but I hold them back. Niall shrugs. "You didn't even recognize me like 99.9% of all people would, and that's what made you more special,"  "Niall...what hurts the most is knowing that you kept something about you hidden from me when I told you my whole life story, it's almost like you don't trust me,"  "no no no you've got it all wrong Kati," :Okay then explain it to me!" "When we started hanging out...I wanted you to like me as I am, and not just a member of the band, so I kept it a secret,", I shook my head. "I wouldn't care if you were a zillionaire. I like you for you. You could've told me," "One last thing," Niall says. Oh god what now?! "Yes?" "You were wrong. The biggest thing in my life right now is...you." I look into his eyes. I'm not mad anymore. I understand what he means. He wants someone to like him for him, not because he is in One Direction. He knows now that I like him for who he is because I didn't know about 1D. He's gooooood. He pulls me in and we kiss. 

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