Up All Night

Kati Jay is the "Queen Bee" of her primary school in London. After discovering her boyfriend of 11 months cheated on her with her best friend, Kati vows to never love again. But that might change she meets a cute Irish boy, Niall, who won't take No as as an answer and becomes the last person to believe in her. And she finds herself doing things she never thought she would like letting loose, revealing secret pasts, and maybe even falling for someone.


12. The end. Of this part anyway....

After meeting the girls, they totally freaked when I told them the news. They all screamed and hugged me and jumped up and down. Then we hit about 10 fashion stores and bought me a while new wardrobe! It was so fun. Afterwards we hit ColdStone, then Hasta La Vista babies! I plan to see Niall now. I smile at the thought of his name.

Me & Niall headed back to my place to finish MY packing. Niall's already done.  "This?" Niall holds up my rose straightener. "Duh!" I laugh. I put in my bathroom, make up, and hair items in my suitcase then look at Niall. "I'm done," He smiles and we share a kiss. We leave for tour...tomorrow. I can't wait.


The next day I wake up early and already see Niall at the bottom of my staircase waiting for me. "Lets go love," he says. I'm so ready for this.

At the airport, loads of paparazzi are there to take pics of them leaving for tour. I don't mind this time tho. I glance at the cameras and even smile a little. They even get shots of me and Niall kissing. Lucky bastards. We are about to board the plane when Niall looks into my eyes. "I love you. I don't regret anything on my break," I smile then look deeply into his blue eyes. "Ditto." We giggle then share another kiss.

Just as I sit down in a seat next to Niall, I get a text from an unknown number.

HEY girl! I heard you were gonna be in the US soon! Me too! Miss me bitch?  I bet you did and if you didn't, Fuck you! LOL I'll see you soon. -Veronica

No no no no no. Not her. Oh god help me. I gasp in horror.


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