Up All Night

Kati Jay is the "Queen Bee" of her primary school in London. After discovering her boyfriend of 11 months cheated on her with her best friend, Kati vows to never love again. But that might change she meets a cute Irish boy, Niall, who won't take No as as an answer and becomes the last person to believe in her. And she finds herself doing things she never thought she would like letting loose, revealing secret pasts, and maybe even falling for someone.


3. Just as friends.

Kati's P O V The next day I wake up to a call from Niall.  "What do you want Niall?" I answer. "All I want is you," he replys. I sarcast-ingly laugh. "No really,"  "Well I was wondering if you'd want to meet up later...maybe at a cafe for lattes or such?" "Uuuh. Fine. Just as friends Tho!"  "You got it. Mega Best friends?" I laugh. "Good-bye Niall." I hang up then smile to myself. What a playa!  Just then my mum's & I's penthouse maid, Winona, comes in. " Ms. Jay, someone is hear to see you. They are waiting at the bottom of staircase," she says from the doorway. I shoo her out of my room so I can get dressed. "Winona, tell them it might be a while," I say. It better not be Niall! I smile to myself. After getting dressed and doing my hair and such, I walk down my staircase but pause. I look at who is at the bottom and it's not Niall. It's John. My ex-boyfriend. "What are you doing here," I say. He holds up a corny bouquet of flowers.  "Kati I am so...so sorry," I cross my arms. "Doesn't change what you did. Winona will escort you out," "No Kati please, I-" "No! Nothing can change the past! Just get out!" I yell. I hate him so much. "But I-" "Get out!!" His head falls down and he starts to slowly walk out. He then turns around.  "I...is there another guy?" He asks. "Think about it John. While you were ignoring me another guy may have been giving me attention. Maybe," I say. "I will never leave you alone, until I know for sure there is someone else...cause if there isn't, then your heart is still mine." "I don't have a heart anymore. Now, GET. OUT."  Niall's P O V I can't wait to see Kati today. But I keep wondering about her past relationship, I mean, how bad could've of been? She didn't even mention one thing about it yesterday when we were chatting. But..I guess I hid something really big from her. She didn't seem to recognize me, so I didn't bother...yeah, I didn't tell her about One Direction. I suddenly get a text from Kati. Wanna meet up now? Oh, yes, thank god, I was getting really bored. Me and the lads get a few days off and they're spending it with their family...while I'm spending it with Kati I hope. I'm not sure why...but there is just something about her that I can't put my finger on, but I just really like her.  Kati's P O V  I cannot believe John had to the nerve to even show his face to me! That mad me so mad. I just need to get outta the house, but I didn't feel like hanging out with my minions. So...I texted Niall. We're meeting up at the cafe. And for some reason...I can't wait to see him. But first I need to take care of something. "Genivieve fill me in," I said. I assigned my minions to keep looks out on my enemies.  I hear nothing on the other end. "Genivieve?"  "Kati..We see Alexa and John...together." I cannot explain all the emotions I am feeling right now.  "I don't care. Uh..go make me a cake or something!" I snap. I hang up. They aren't going to get away with this. I call up Genivieve again. "On second thought, where are you guys?" I smile. No more games. I usually play games of revenge to get back at people but not this time. There is only one thing I want to do, and it might get me in a lot of trouble, but I don't care. I see Genivieve and Vivian behind a Toyota. "Finally you're here!" "Yeah I am, where are they?" I say with fury. Vivian points to a cafe. They are standing outside rubbing noses. It disgusts me. I'm about walk over when I see Niall standing at the same cafe waiting for me. Ooooh, I just got a more brilliant idea! I go over. Alexa notices me. "K-Kati?" I walk past her and to Niall. I grab him and pull him in.  When me and Niall kiss, for some odd reason I feel....sparks. I've never felt these before with any of my other boyfriends. Almost like fireworks. I pull back and smile at him. I can so tell John and Alexa are watching. I stare into Niall's eyes. "I will explain. Let's go in." Niall looks confused but follows me. "Kati..." Niall begins. "No..Niall...you know those that couple out there? The guy was my ex-boyfriend." Niall still has the confused look. "Okay I guess I have to tell you now..." "Tell me what?" "That girl he was kissing was...my old best friend." "Wait...your boyfriend cheated on you with your-" "Yeah..." "Wait wait wait. That means you just used me. You didn't really mean that kiss," I smile. "Yeah!" Niall shakes his head then walks off. What's his problem? "Niall?" I walk after him. "Niall?!"  "Kati you used me. That's not right..." "I didn't think you would think much of it...we just kissed Niall," "yeah, too make your ex jealous," "Niall...I..." "Save it," "Niall I'm sorry!" Well that's something I haven't said in a while. Niall laughs. "Gotcha!" I untense. "Ohmygod you jerk!"  He keeps giggling. "What're you gonna do 'bout it?" "This!" I laugh as I pick up a whip cream can from a table and spray it on his face!  "You did not!" he laughs.  "I just did!" I start to run from him. He chases after me and laughs.  

After stopping by my place to clean up, (I had whip cream all over me, Thanks Niall!) I came downstairs with my wet hair up in a towel. Niall looked up at me. "I totally won that," he declares. I laugh. "Yeah, okay," I say sarcast-ingly. 

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