Up All Night

Kati Jay is the "Queen Bee" of her primary school in London. After discovering her boyfriend of 11 months cheated on her with her best friend, Kati vows to never love again. But that might change she meets a cute Irish boy, Niall, who won't take No as as an answer and becomes the last person to believe in her. And she finds herself doing things she never thought she would like letting loose, revealing secret pasts, and maybe even falling for someone.


1. First glance

Kati's P O V "Ugh Mary Janes are so 1990s, I mean seriously, who wears them anymore?" I say as me and my "friends" AKA minions are sitting in our primary school's cafe. "Kati here's your latte," Genivieve says as she comes up and hands it to me. I take a sip, then spit it out into a napkin. "Ew! Where did you get this? It tastes bland!" I hand her back the cup. "Don't ever do that to me again!" Genivieve throws the cup in the trash then sits with the rest of us.   

I frown as I notice my ex-best friend coming towards us. "Mindy, Lottie, take care of the trash." I say. They both stand up and go towards Alexa. "Sorry Alexa but Kati doesn't want to see you ever again, so take your whitty short skirt in the other direction." Mindy says. Alexa pushes past them bumping their shoulders and faces me. I cross my arms. "Leave," I say. Alexa doesn't budge. "Kati just let me talk to for-"

"STOP."  "No! Just let me finish I don't even get why you're mad!" I stand up with much fury, and go close to her face. With a silent voice I protest, "I'm mad because my boyfriend cheated on me with my best friend, and I will never forgive you. I never want to see your horrid face again. Let's go girls." I give Alexa the evil eye as we walk out.

The walk with my minions back to campus is silent most of the time.  "Kati?" I keep looking forward but answer. "What," "...aren't you sad?"  If only those nosy bitches knew. I'm dying inside. I've been trying to forget that night and everything in between but I just can't. My heart is shattered into little bitty pieces and it will never be whole again. But I refuse to show it. No one sees me weak. Ever. And No heart, no love. Ever again. I will never love again. I will be bitter and cold for the rest of my life. 

"Eh. I hated them both secretly anyways." Lie.  

The next day (which is a saturday, so no school) I'm out shopping with Genivieve at the Lady London mall. We just came out of American Eagle. "Ugh it's like walking into a full bubble of nasty Axe spray everytime I'm in there," I say. Genivieve agrees, like she always does to everything I say. I hear a really loud laugh from the opposite side of us. I turn my head and see a beautiful boy that looks my age with blonde/brown hair and bright blue eyes. He's with some other guys, but I only seem to focus on him.  I snap outta it and then realize I stopped walking...and he is looking right at me. I take one last glance then turn to Genivieve. "Food court shall we?"  Genivieve makes a confused face, then turns normal. "Sure!"


Niall's P O V I slighty turn my head while laughing at Louis and notice a girl already looking at me. She looks my age, and she's beautiful. I stop and stare at her. I can see her blush a little and then turn away quickly. If only I knew her. She probably already has a boyfriend though, someone as pretty as her has gotta. Liam notices what I'm looking at. "Aw Niall has a crush!" The other boys join in on the teasing. "No I don't...well she is pretty and all, but I don't know her..." I say. Zayn pats my back. "Then go find out who she is. You can't let her get away!" He starts to giggle. I laugh and follow them, but I can't get that girl outta my mind.



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