Up All Night

Kati Jay is the "Queen Bee" of her primary school in London. After discovering her boyfriend of 11 months cheated on her with her best friend, Kati vows to never love again. But that might change she meets a cute Irish boy, Niall, who won't take No as as an answer and becomes the last person to believe in her. And she finds herself doing things she never thought she would like letting loose, revealing secret pasts, and maybe even falling for someone.


11. Finally!

Niall's P O V OMG she said it! I stared into her emerald green eyes. "I love you Kati Manda Jay," I said as I pulled her into a romantic kiss. I'm so glad I convinced my crew to let her come. I don't know what I would've done without her. She is my everything now. Kati pulls away and hugs me. I'm so glad she loves me too. This night had just been magical.

Kati's P O V The next day Niall says we need to start packing Immediately. We have to get our stuff on a different flight in 2 days. THe past week me and Niall have done everything together, Movies, Shopping even, Beach, Cafe, he introduced me properly to his lads and we've hung out with them for a few days. They really like me. I think Louis is into the whole "attitude" type thing with me cause he congratulated me on that snappy tabloid where I told the paparazzi off, even saying "You go girl!" Haha! I like his buds. They're great. Niall met my mother the other day when she came home for her break. She likes Niall. And I met Niall's older brother and his mum when they came to see Niall before we were going to leave in a few days. His mum is a very wonderful lady.

Today I told Niall I wanted some girl time with my girlfriends before we leave. He agreed, so I'm meeting up with my friends at the spa. No more minions-just friends. I mean, if you think about it, they have done a lot for me. I really do actually like them...I guess I just was too coward to admit it. To anyone. But Niall has convinced me of a lot of stuff. He's my angel, and I love him. I suddenly got an idea. I cancelled the spa and texted the girls to meet at Lady London Mall. I need new outfits for this tour!


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