I was best friends with Niall since we were little and will the become more than that. Niall gets excited very easily! (contains sexual containt)


2. The big day

I woke up to find sage still asleep I smelled Freshly cooked bacon! I atom led out of bed quickly and ran in and yelled "good morning bacon mom" I always called sage's mom bacon mom because when I'm over she always cooked the best bacon! She asked "How was your sleep, love?" I replied "amazing!" Then I screamed "Thank you for the birthday present!"
She glanced at me and said "no problem, just wake up sage and I will give you your present from your mom!" I look confused since my mom already gave me a present, but I said "ok" and went to wake up sage.
I walked into the room and screamed "OH MY GOD SAGE WHY ARE YOU NAKED!!" She quickly got up and looked at herself and then giggled and yelled "nice way to wake me up you jerk!" Then she giggled.
I said "come on your mon said to wake you up so she could give us a present from my mom!" she shook her head and scrambled out of bed half way down the stairs she yelled "I'll race ya!" I screamed "you cheater" and ran after her!
Once we were down stairs we sat down on the bar stools that were placed next to the bar counter to catch our breaths!
Sage P.O.V
My mom walked over to us and said softly "Me and cassey (Nikki's mom) rented you two lovely girls a suite and we got you each a credit card to spend as much as you like since you will be gone on a vacation for about 3 weeks you have to shop ya know!"
Me and Nikki's mouths dropped open! Before we could even say one word my mom looked into our eyes and squealed for us! Then all of a sudden we both yelled "WE LOVE YOU!" she smiled and walked off. We glanced at each other and nikki said "we need perfect clothes to wear on vacation!" I said "We need new make up too!"
My mom walks back into the room and says "come on girls we are gonna go SHOPPING! Then she squealed. My mom acted like a 16 year old girl but we didn't mind since she wasn't that old she was just 35 and she looked 21 so it was ok!
We went to "Hot mess" first it was my favorite store! Everything in there was so cute! Nikki went over to the sleeveless shirts. I walked over to the cropped tops and my mom walk straight over to the booty shorts. I giggled then when I turned to my left and tan muscular guy 18 or so ask if he could help me I said "I was looking for something cute and that showed off my figure but not to skimpy." he walked me over to we're Nikki was and grabbed a hot pink sleeveless top that had white floral print on it. He then asked Nikki "what she wanted?" she said "something bright and a little revealing but not to much." He grabbed her a one strap neon yellow top with a cute brown belt around it. She thanked him and we walk over to my mom she picked me out some dark colored booty shorts with irresistible bejellewed on back and she picked out some light colored booty shorts with danger bejellewed on the back. We payed for the outfits then went to Nikki's favorite store "Geek Freak!" It was 5 o clock.
Nikki's P.O.V
We got dressed then Stephanie (sage's mom) drove us to the airport. We kissed her goodbye and left. Sage fell fast asleep. It was hours before we arrived at the airport. When we did I woke her up and we got a taxi to our suite. It was 12 and we were exhausted and went fast to sleep!
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