I was best friends with Niall since we were little and will the become more than that. Niall gets excited very easily! (contains sexual containt)


7. splash splash!

authors note: sorry about the last chapter i didn't want it to be so short but i was rushed because i wrote it before i went to school and had a short amount of time to write! hope you like this chapter, I'm kinda having some writer's block >.< but ill do my best! <3 x 

harry's p.o.v

Finally we were all downstairs and were ready to leave. As we got in the car we head to our place i drove and nikki sat beside me in the passenger's seat, as niall sat in between millie and sage in the back. We arrived at the house at last. We all got out the car and walked to the in-door pool."Who's ready to swim!" millie yelled out with a cheeky smile on her face. As me and niall took our shirts off, the girls took their shorts and shirts off. When i turn away from niall to look at them me and niall just stood the and starred in awe. I mean we saw them in bikinis before but its just this were a bit smaller than the other ones. I couldn't take my eyes off nikki in her black sparkly bikini! I mean sage and millie didn't look half bad either sage in her gold bikini and millie in her tie-dye strapless bikini! 


nikki's p.o.v

The boys were just starring at us with their mouths open and it was kinda awkward so to break the tension i said "Lets swim already" and millie giggled. Then she jumped in and sage followed after her, then went niall. I jumped back so the water wouldn't splash on me, but as i did i bumped into harry. He lifted me up bridal style and i suddenly realized what he was doing i started to scream "Harry please don't it looks cold!" he just kept getting closer to the pool as he got to it he looked down at me in his arms and said "Whoops!" and threw me in. As I returned to the surface of the water i made my face look sad. Harry looked at my now sadden face and reached his hand out to help me up out the pool while mumbling "Sorry nikki" as i grabbed his hand my sad face soon turn into a devious smile and as it did he realized his mistake but it was too late. All of a sudden he was into the pool with a big splash as he reched the surface of the water his hair covered his eyes, everyone bursted into laughter. As harry flipped his hair out of his eyes, i starred at him in interest. the way he looked with wet hair and no shirt. So much sex appeal! 


Harry's p.o.v

Nikki was starring at me and she started to bite her lip and thats when i knew that i must be turning her on. this was my chance to get pay back for when she has look so amazing and could hardly rest getting in bed with her. "Guys! hello we're still here" the sound of niall's voice pulling me from my thoughts. So i just splashed water in his face to signal him to shut up. Well that wasnt the smartest idea because it started an all out splash war. "OH! ITS ON! niall shouted in glee. he started to splash me so i went under water and when i came up i saw the water hit millie. i laughed like crazy. Then thats when she said " Oh no you didnt you irish popstar british wanna be!" She jumped out of the water onto surface and sage and nikki followed i had no idea what they were doing. That's when Zayn, Louis, and Liam walked in followed by El, Dani, and Zayn's new girlfriend Perrie.I turned my attention to them. "I thought we'd come for a swim mates!" liam said with joy "of course guys it'll be fun" niall said with a small laughter. As he finished his sentence we began to turn back around to sage, millie, and nikki. As we did the locked hands and jumped in cuasing a huge wave to splash over me and niall.


Louis p.o.v

They  looked like they were having lots of fun! As El, Dani, and Perrie got into there swim suits me, Liam, and Zayn did as well. I ran over th El and picked her up she started to shout for help but it was to late with her still in my arms i jumped in. As we came up she laughed my name "louis!" "What?" i said acting clueless. After a while of swimming. Josh walked in because niall invited him over. Since there was 12 people we decided to have a chicken fight. nikkie hopped on El hopped on my shoulders. Sage on niall's, nikki on harry's, perrie on Zayn's, Dani on liam's, and millie on josh's! "GOOO!" yelled harry! As El knocked off perrie, Sage had pushed Nikki down. millie and dani went at it for a while until millie managed to catch dani off balance and down she went. el knocked sage off by tickling her tummy. Millie and El kept trying to knock each other off but i lost my balance and slipped and i went down El with me. As we came up josh pulled millie of and they high fived shouting "we won you lost hahahaha!" i just fell into deep laughter of their stupid dance they were doing. After that we all got ready ad pcked up to leave.


Niall p.o.v

we drove millie, sage, and nikki home as we arrivied at their house sage was knocked out. I picked her up and carried her to her room. When i got there she looked so beautiful with her wet hair spread across her pillow and tanish skin glowing radiantly. Before i left i planted a small kiss on her forehead as i was lifting up to leave she whispered "goodnight niall" i just smiled forgetting her eyes were still closed and whispered back "goodnight to you too". I walked downstairs to see nikki was the only one still awake standing with harry. As i said "goodbye" to her harry kissed her cheek and asked her if she would like to go on a date with him tomorrow. She had a slight shock in her eyes put soon as she found the words she was searching for she smiled and said "I would love to" with that we headed to Harry's car with smiles on our faces. Today was a day to remember.




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